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    Looking for transport like Xduoo X10T II

    Hello, Does this transport (xDuoo X10T II) give Native DSD to the DAC through USB OTG, or DoP? (I could not find this info) Thank you.
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    Can anyone recommend the TEAC HA-P5 ?

    I wonder how this beauty sounds compared to Sony PHA-3 (balanced/separate ground). And is there any chance to replace the battery nowadays?
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    Sony PHA-3 balanced portable dac/amp

    Thanks a lot, if I get one, I will for sure😀
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    Does anyone own the Pro-Ject Headbox Ds2 B

    According to the Pro-Ject website: 60 mW / 300 ohms
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    Does anyone own the Pro-Ject Headbox Ds2 B

    Well, I do not know if DC Purifier will improve anything with the AccuBox S2. I do not have the iFi thing to check it out. But literally, I do not hear any noise with the AccuBox. Bass and imaging are improved mostly. The DC purifirer might work well with something like this, I guess...
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    Does anyone own the Pro-Ject Headbox Ds2 B

    Hello, I've been listening music with this amp for more than 6 months already, and I like it VERY MUCH. The source is TEAC NT-503, mostly Hi-Res files, I use balanced XLR connections. The headphones are the ATH-AD2000X - I converted them into balanced ones (pretty simple, there are 4 cores in...
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    What's wrong with Musical Fidelity?

    Thanks a lot for your input! I think I'll stay away from MF. Most likely I'll get a Pro-Ject Head Box ds2 B the second thing will be upgrading with a linear power supply. I have a not high impedance cans - ATH-AD2000X.
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    New Sony PHA-2A portable DAC

    It has only one DAC chip and two amps (one for eachbchannel) in balanced mode, correct?
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    Fostex HP-A4BL (the A4 with balanced output)

    There are differenr pinouts for 2.5mm balanced. The so-called "European", "Asian", "Fiio", "AK".... Looks like the pin-out of your adapter does not match the one of you male-jack in the phones..
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    Reply to review by 'aqtaket' on item 'Oriolus BA300S'

    Great review! Do you think it will pair well with ATH-AD2000x terminated with 4.4mm balanced plug? Does it have "enough juice"?
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    Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

    I could not find the brown one now, here is the black case...
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    Onkyo DP-S1 Rubato / Pioneer XDP-30R Private

    shane55, It's a Kingston Canvas React microSDHC512GBSP I'm quite happy with it. There is a 1Tb on the market, but i'm not ready to pay a price of the player for it... The actual capacity is 466 Gb (my 400Gb Sandisk is 367 Gb). Both work flawlessly with Rubato, I use mostly Hi-Res and DSD files.
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    Sony NW-A50 Series

    lazner, thanks a lot for your recommendation! I think I'll get a Rubato...
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    Sony NW-A50 Series

    Thank for your post, lazner, nice to know your impressions on this DAP. Did you compare it to Onkyo Rubato via line out? I'm in the process of selecting a new DAP, so if Rubato is more detailed and refined regarding sound quility, I'd stick to it... Does Rubato suuport 400Gb microSDXC cards, do...
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    Sony NW-A50 Series

    Nice thread, guys)) I got interested in this DAP very much. So, now I know it supports a 400Gb memory card. Nice!!! Has anybody compared it to NW-ZX100 regarding SQ? I'm going to use a player with a poratble amp via WMport (to get a proper line out). So, is there any substantial difference in...