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    My VSONIC Collection Has Begun...R04Pro, GR06, GR07...I Am A Fan!!!!! Comparisons Post #62!!!

    I have now received my GR06's. Letting them warm up a little bit first before I have a listen on my lunch break! Similarly to some other members, I do not have a chin fastener :-( :-(        EDIT: What a fantastic set of accessories to start! I will list my gripes first, the wire is not...
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    My VSONIC Collection Has Begun...R04Pro, GR06, GR07...I Am A Fan!!!!! Comparisons Post #62!!!

    Mine are arriving at work tomorrow so will be sure to give them a good listening to on the train journey home. Very excited!
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    My VSONIC Collection Has Begun...R04Pro, GR06, GR07...I Am A Fan!!!!! Comparisons Post #62!!!

    Haven't stopped in for a while, but my IE7's just broke. Ordered a pair of GR06's to tide me over til I can afford some 07's.. They look really promising! I'm hoping they arrive tomorrow. Paid for special delivery but didn't order til 15.44 today. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the informative...
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    Monster Turbine

    That is my point, most of us won't know because we've never gone near SC's..   Quote:
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    Monster Turbine

    Quote: I'm not being mean but do some research. You won't really find anyone that would say a good thing about Skull Candy's in this forum. The general rule is Skull Candy is rubbish. Anything sounds better than Skull Candy. Including Apple buds. The search button is always useful.  
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    Etymotic Mc5, in euro?

    I believe ship to Europe?    European 3-5 days is 5.99 European 2-4 days is 14.99   :)  
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    I love my Denon C751's

    This is a fairly pointless post. Anyway, I got my Denon's over a year and a half ago now and while I did have to return a pair due to a faulty cable, I feel they are exceedingly good. For a mere forty pounds more than apple buds, I truly feel I have a brilliant pair of earphones that (obviously)...
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    Are custom sleeves really worth the money?

    I have a pair of Denon C751's and I was simply wondering if the £90 it would cost me to get the moulds done would actually make a significant difference to the comfort of the earphones and obviously the sound quality also? If not I think I will purchase some IE8's but thats a lot of money for a...
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    Just broke my week old Se530's :(

    I would just get them from Price Grabber to be honest, surely the forty dollars is worth it? I would pay that much if I knew I was going to definitely get the full Shure warranty. If Amazon are not 100% sure you will get the warranty I wouldn't take the risk, but that's just my opinion. If you...
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    Official Denon AH-C700 Comparisons/Impressions

    I agree with Mark, although they are my only IEM I think they are fantastic. I am not very good at analyzing how audio equipment sounds but I really cannot fault them for the price. I think they sound fantastic with the majority of music apart from classical as the highs do not extend that far.
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    How much do your audio equipment look like they cost?

    I haven't actually seen SE530's in the flesh as Apple only stock up to SE310's at my local store. I have seen the X10's though, I think it is just how slick they look and the brassy colour and for the same reason I believe NE7's also look quite expensive for IEM's.