Electrical Engineer, working in software industry
music, literature (world, SF, fantasy), computer games (FPS, PC and Console RPGs), computer hardware
games, software, hardware, electronics, coffee
Headphone Inventory
Beyerdynamic Tesla T1, Sennheiser HD800, HD650, HD580 and HD25-1, Audio Technica ATH-A900, Beyerdynamics DT-931, DT 990-250, AKG 702,AKG 490 NC, Sony MDR-XB700 and MDR-NC22, Parrot Zik
Headphone Amp Inventory
Flute 3, Flute 2, Sostenuto, Dynahi, Ventus (with Buffalo 3), PPA w/discrete buffers, Cavalli-Kumisa 3, Balanced Beta22, O2 amp, some other DIY amps
Source Inventory
Flute 3, Buffalo 3 with Transporter module, Squeezebox Duet, Flute 2, Sostenuto, Marc Heilingers PCM-63 reclocking DAC, O2 dac, Grand Ally (CS43122), DDDAC w/TDA1542, Sony SACD 775 w/low jitter clock and Transporter, Oppo BDP-83SE, various other prototype DACs, iRiver iHP-120, E-MU 1212m, Squeezebox Touch, Creative ZxR
Cable Inventory
DIY cryo Mogami balanced cable for HD-650
Silver Lace RCA interconnect
various Mogami cryo treated XLR and RCA interconnects
Power-Related Components
UPS/surge protectors
Other Audio Equipment
Musical Fidelity A-2 integrated amplifier
Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v2 speakers
Sony DA5400ES receiver
Digital amplifier with IR chip, DIY 2x250W
Audio-Related Tweaks
low jitter clock and capacitor upgrades on my Sony SACD player
Music Preferences
classical, jazz, some jpop and pop/rock
Lead Developer