Head Gear Reviews by antonyfirst

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    The AP80 Pro-X is a portable digital audio player made by Hidizs. This player is the bigger brother of the AP80, upgrading from ES9218P to ES9219C DAC chip in order to improve performances and extend format compatibility to Tidal MQA. Furthermore, the AP80 Pro-X has a 2.5mm balanced headphone out in addition to the standard 3.5mm headphone jack for single ended headphones. The AP80 Pro-X has an extremely small footprint and can be carried very easily as an additional device. It’s one of the smallest stand-alone players on the market. Controls...
  2. Hidizs S9Pro

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    The Hidzs S9 Pro is an ultraportable amp/DAC adapter for smartphones and computers. It uses ESS9038Q2M DAC chip, in order to support up to 32bit/768kHz (for PCM) and up to DSD512. It has two headphone outs: balanced (2.5mm) anmd single ended (3.5mm). It has a USB Type C input for connection. The S9 Pro has a screwless aluminium body and a stylish LED indicator which lights up in different colors, depending on the sample rate of the music being played. The Hidizs is really tiny: it measures 59 mm * 18 mm * 8mm , so it can be fit pretty much...
  3. Hidizs Mermaid MS2

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    This is my review of Hidizs Mermaid MS2. Listening to them has been a great surprise, as they are a very good sounding IEM for an extremely affordable price. Note: Hidizs has kindly sent me a pair of Mermaid MS2 for this review. While appreciate their kindness, this will not influence my opinion in any way. Structure and Fit The Mermaid MS2 are a hybrid IEM, which use two drivers per channel. The low frequencies are taken care of by a 10.2mm large dynamic driver, which manages to produce full bodied bass frequencies, while the middle and high...
  4. DUNU Falcon-C

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    DUNU has a significant history in producing multi driver, hybrid IEM's, which I am very fond of, because of their amazing sound and quality vs price ratio. I have already shown my love for the DN-2002 and DK-3001, among my absolute favourite IEM's ever. The biggest complaint I have been reading about them, has been the size and comfort: to house their complex combinations of drivers, DUNU had to make some compromises in the size of the housing, which is a bit heavy for the ears of some people. I usually tame comfort issues by using comply foam tips...
  5. DUNU-TOPSOUND DK-3001 (Hybrid Earphone for High Resource Sound Generator)

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    One year and half ago, I reviewed the Dunu DN2002 and found them to be one of the best sounding IEM’s for the price. They were very neutral, rich sounding, both in terms of tonality and detail retrieval. Their biggest quirk was a large housing for the hybrid driver design, discomfortable to several users, especially in the ability to keep the seal between the eartips and ear canal. The problem could be solved by using foam tips, but they would still feel quite large and heavy. The sound, though, was amazing. After several months, DUNU finally put...
  6. SOtM sHP-100

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    The SOtM sHP-100 is a portable dac/amplifier combo designed for computer audio. It's built on the same principles as their sMS-100 music server, which means tiny size, ease of transport, and good value for money. Some of the most meaningful specifications follow:   DAC Chip: Cirrus Logic flagship CS4398 USB Class 2.0 input, using a XMOS multi-core RISC processor, support for 24bit/192kH playback and DSD x64, x128 Optical, Coaxial inputs with AKM AK4113 chipset and support for 24bit/192kH playback Analog Output: LME49720 and TPA6120A2 opamps...