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    Unique Melody - export declaration?

    Hi,   I'm about to send my ear impressions and Shure SE530 to UM in China, for remolding.   A question for those who've done this before.What did you write on the customs declaration (little green form) on the outside of the package? I think probably a description "earphones - for...
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    Having sold an amp to kaushama, I'd have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody. Payment was immediate, communication was excellent. He was friendly and polite at all times.
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    Sold an amp to Harj. He was efficient, payed extremely quickly, provided very good communication, and was polite throughout the transaction. He's very easy to deal with.
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    sold - Gilmore Lite with 220-240v DPS (EU/UK)

    Quote: Originally Posted by badmonkey Why are you selling? It's a sad tale... I'm trying to free up some funds. And I have some headphone stuff that I never use. I sold my M Hornet yesterday (I don't even own a portable source!) I can only wear closed phones at home -...
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    sold - Gilmore Lite with 220-240v DPS (EU/UK)

    Gilmore Lite with DPS (220-240V) for sale. Age: April 2006. There are two imperfections that I can see: 1. There are a few tiny nics on the back upper edge of the power supply. These can be seen close-up on the 3rd picture below. 2. The underside of the amp has a bit of light...
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    Sold! - 'M' Hornet (EU/UK)

    start-of-week bump
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    Sold! - 'M' Hornet (EU/UK)

    Hmm, I paid Sam e313.94 for it (incl. postage within the U.S.) I was suggesting less than that, without even taking into account the extra that a european buyer would otherwise need to pay to post from the U.S. to Europe, or import taxes. However, it is true that currency values have...
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    Sold! - 'M' Hornet (EU/UK)

    Hi, I'm thinking 275 euros plus postage (about 10 euros to the UK, tracked). It depends on what interest there is... Thanks.
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    Sold! - 'M' Hornet (EU/UK)

    I am selling my black 'M' Hornet, purchased new in early 2007. I don't have a portable source, so this has only had about 3hrs use at my PC. (Hence the possible sale). Despite my bad photography, there are no visible scratches or nics. Price: 250 euros + p&p (e.g. 10 euros to UK) I am in...
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    I bought an amp from Fing. It was in perfect condition, very well packaged, and promptly delivered. Fing was extremely helpful throughout the process, with excellent communication, tips/advice regarding use of the amp, and helpful answers to any questions I had. I would be glad to have...
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    I bought an amp from Pace. Very polite and helpful, great communication, no delays whatsoever. The amp is in perfect condition, and was very well packaged. I would have no hesitation in doing more business with Pace. Thanks!
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    I bought my ATH-950LTD from Bluetin. Plenty of friendly communication, and the packaging was very good (well protected) for delivery to Europe. I'd highly recommend them.
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    Audiothechnica 950LTD

    I haven't heard any AT yet, but there was another thread in the past few days, where a head-fi'er found the A950LTD very similar to the A900LTD, and both of them somewhat better than the A900. Given that most people seem to find the A900LTD more satisfying than the W1000, the A950 looks like...
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    Hornet and Tomahawk

    Quote: Originally Posted by Morph201 Maybe it is time to put in that call to mr. Samuels.. Familiar words... that's how it starts, before you know it, you're re-mortgaging your house for "just one more purchase". Don't mind me, I can quit this habbit any time. Honest.