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    Noble Audio Wizard Sage Giveaway!

    1) 74,003 2) 75,743 3) 72,025
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    ALGIZ and IKIZ = SPECIAL 40% discount

    Lol!   The Algiz is a very special IEM. Defs worth a try. Ikiz isn't too special but still good value at that price for people who like bass. Just pretty large...
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    IEM Advice - ~$60

    Wow, that's harsh. I live in Asia so I got lucky! Alright, sounds good! Creative are quite a nice company and their products are quite decent (most of the time). Good luck!
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    Earphones/headphones - looking for versatility

    That they are. Shures have a sound which I'd describe as dark (bass heavy, decent mids and rolled off highs). The RHAs will be a lot clearer and less bassy than the Senns (not by much though) while the 215s will be as bass heavy with the CX300ii with better bass texture and quality with somewhat...
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    Looking for a nice IEM with a Mic < $400

    Consider the Sennheiser Momentum In Ears and RHA MA750i! Both should satisfy your craving for bass :)
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    Earphones/headphones - looking for versatility

    Consider the RHA MA750 and Shure SE215. Both are very different animals but sound great in their own right.
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    IEM Advice - ~$60

    Sorry, but the M6 Pro don't match OP's sound sig preference. He wants something with mid and low freq. emphasis while the M6 Pros are neutral and might also be a bit light in bass to some people.
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    Help me find an in-ear under $250

    Alright. Let me know if you have any concerns or questions!
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    No problem. Hmm, bass extension is similar, and the Ostrys do go really deep with bass. I see. The Ostrys are fairly bright and have the sparkly treble which I think you are looking for! Really airy sound as well, with the tradeoff that it sounds a bit thin at times, but it's really worth is...
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    They're similar with the RHAs having a smaller soundstage, better bass texture and more metallic highs. Mids are also better with the Ostrys and they can keep up with fast paced music very well. From what I know about the DN-1k, bass quantity is a little lower with the Ostrys.
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    Earphones around $200

    I see. Well, the good news is that the IE80s are pretty much exactly what you're looking for in terms of sound, but the lowest I've seen them go is $250. If you can save that much, then great! You might want to pair a set of Sony Hybrid tips with them as well to increase isolation to an...
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    Earphones around $200

    The Sennheisers are great but didn't isolate very well the last time I tried them. I'd say that you should consider the RHA MA750s as well. V shaped IEMs with a very clear sound. May I ask what kind of music you listen to though? If I know that I would know what would suit you well!
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    Best earphones under $50-$100?

    RHA MA750 should do the trick. The sound will be a lot more clear than the Klipsch so you might prefer it to those seeing your music taste.
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    Need some in ears for $100 - $150 CAN

    I have a feeling you might like the RHA MA750. They are within budget and sound great with your music!