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    AKG K702 - how to get the best out of them

    Quote: Another great advice. Thanks. I didn't want to make this thread too focused on amplifiers but I think now the title is asking for it. So keep your thought coming and I will try to make a summary at the end for more convenience.    
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    AKG K702 - how to get the best out of them

    Quote: Looks like Burson 160 is a definite winner and will be at the top of Christmas list to Santa from many K70x fans this year, including me.    And since I am writing, I couldn't help it to share - I just experienced something like a shock during listening FIRST TIME EVER...
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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Interesting thread and some beatiful gear out there; they really make my K702 look dull . But what strikes me most is that it seems like a lot of folks need to save some money not on gear but on furniture upgrade or even do some home renovation LOL. I am not trying to insult anybody but I think...
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    AKG K702 - how to get the best out of them

      Hello fellow head-fiers,   Another newbe here with a few practical questions regarding AKG K702. I've purchased these phones as a starter kit just about a week ago and also joined this forum a couple of days later with the main goal to get the best out of them. I've done my research on...
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    10 Biggest Lies in Audio (accidental repost - sorry!)

    Thanks for the article, it was very timely. Like a bucket of cold water on my overheating mind after two days on this site. I particularly liked the part about tube amps:     It reminded me the debates about color reproduction on photographic forums. You see, true color reproduction...
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    AKG K701/702 with ZO Subwoofer?

    I just bought K702 a week ago and I also have an iPhone4 and an iMac. From what I can see, I can definitely drive K702 from both iPhone4 and iMac. The volume, however, should be turned on to approximately 90% level on both devices for most records and for some old ones up to 100%. The sound is...
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