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    NuForce uDAC-2 Drama (detailed measurements)

    Quote: In my opinion, I don't think it'd be worth spending more and more time writing a longer and more specific rebuttal. After all, in the end it's just one product out of many, and i would think that the target audience who would specifically worry about these measurements would be...
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    Review: Fischer Audio's DBA-02

    Quote: I wear them so the housing points straight up, cable pointing straight forward, instead of the housing going straight back in the traditional over-the-ear style. My ears aren't big enough to fit them comfortably that way. I also don't get a seal at all wearing them cable-down...
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    Editing Feedback

    Is there any way to do this? Maybe by PMing a mod or something?   I've made a few rather large typos in two of mine due to me thinking something else and writing another. Should be obvious to anyone who reads the feedback I left.   I'd like to fix this somehow
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    NuForce uDAC-2 Listening Challenge

    Quote:   The Music Streamer II to me, at least, is much clearer on the extremes than the uDAC-2 i had before. The outputs are a little on the hot side though, the volume is quite a bit louder at the same position on the amp compared to some other DACs.   Just did a blind listen to the...
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    NuForce uDAC-2 Listening Challenge

    Listened to the Gaga ones through Foobar > ASIO > HRT Music Streamer II > KICAS > Fischer DBA-02.   Adams and Lincoln sound just very slightly worse to me; both were doing something strange with the cymbal crashes, just very slightly, during bass impacts compared to the other two. Adams was...
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    Strange issue with receiver?

    I've been using a Pioneer VSX-D557 receiver to power my speaker setup at home, and today I just noticed a very interesting (and baffling) problem, which did not occur a couple months prior.   Up until recently I was running a spdif coax cable from a uDAC-2 to the receiver, and everything...
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    Mogami-recabled Ultrasone HFI-780 FS

    Replies sent to both parties.
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    Nuforce uDAC-2 FS

    This one is well used, It's been my primary DAC for about a year, and as such, some of the paint is starting to wear off around the edges. I have adhesive velcro attached to the entire bottomside of the dac (the fuzzy loop side of the velcro), which can be removed if the buyer requests.  ...
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    Help me w/ a subwoofer problem... pretty please?

    If there is a short/issue of some sort it would be within/behind that black box that houses the RCA jacks. It's highly likely that the solder holding the leads to the board/wire? are just cracked or broken.   If that's the case, you'd be better off taking it to a shop to get it repaired, or...
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    Help me w/ a subwoofer problem... pretty please?

    I do believe that you could just hook up the LFE? output to directly either the left or right RCA plug, without the splitter, to see if it still makes the problem.   My sub goes nuts when I touch the positive RCA tip with either of the plugs on the back (essentially when I'm plugging it in...
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    Help me w/ a subwoofer problem... pretty please?

    Can you solder?   The solder holding pins on the RCA plug may just be broken, and possibly causing a short.   Examine the board after you disassemble the back of the sub for any cracked joints.   Make sure you discharge the amplifier before touching anything for risk of shocks...
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    Mogami-recabled Ultrasone HFI-780 FS

    These have been recabled by Warrior05 on these forums using Mogami 2893, with all the dampening mods done by me as well, along with the much more comfortable velour Pro900 headpad.   They work perfectly, and although a little worn, there is no physical damage to the phones other than a few...
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