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    Is My Klipsch S4i Fake?

    Unfortunately, it looks to us like these are counterfeit. There is excessive gloss on the nozzles, and the logo seems large, even though the picture is a bit blurry. The strain reliefs also look bulky and not contoured like ours.
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    When you say "earbud" do you mean an on-ear headphone? From the context of your post, that's what I gather, but I've always understood earbud to be "in-ear" headphones.   If on-ear is what you are looking for, check out the Image ONE.
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    Klipsch in 2010

    Yes, November is what we're shooting for. No specs yet!
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    Klipsch in 2010

    I'm spending all today testing the Image ONE (on-ear).... first impressions: extremely clear (can hear the guitar picks), very nice bass response - not overbearing. Noise-isolating, not canceling, but I can barely hear anything going on around me (and I'm in engineering). This is all great, but...
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    Klipsch in 2010

    Quote: I personally have not heard them yet. I need to venture away from my cubicle and into Product Development land.  :)  I'll let you know when I do!
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    Klipsch in 2010

    We have many more things in the works.
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    Exclusive Oval Ear Tips Accessory

    You could give the large dual flange a try, but I can't guarantee the fit. We should have more sizes available within the next week or two. Sorry for the delay!
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    Faulty S4s

    It is actually highly uncommon. I apologize for the trouble. Will Amazon UK replace them for you again?
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    Exclusive Oval Ear Tips Accessory

    In Europe, you can purchase them here
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    Image X5 - Save $100! One day only

    I was mistaken, not one day only!
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    Image X10i Headset - Now available!

    Seems to be a day for announcements... More information here!
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    Image X10 for $170 - Used, direct from Klipsch

    Just a heads up. These have been fully test, cleaned, and repackaged (plain box), 90-day warranty. On the Klipsch eBay store
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    Image X5 - Save $100! One day only

    Audio Advisor is running a one day special on Amazon for the Image X5, regularly $249, for $149.99!
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    Headphone Case Kits / Image X10i information

    Hey Head-fiers, Just a note to let you know we have headphones cases available now on our website (US only). The kits include one pair of each of the 5 different sized eartips, and an eartip cleaning tool. The 2 "pleather" cases also include the airline adapter. Buy here Information...