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    [Price Drop] Sivga P-ii and Blon BL-03

    Hello I am selling my Sivga P-ii in like new condition. It will come with extra perforated pads along with the stock pads and all the original accessories and packaging. I will also include a set of blon bl-03 iems in like new condition that come with an upgraded tripowin c8 cable. I am asking...
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    Im guessing this is sold?
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    FS: Focal Elegia (SOLD!)

    Still available?
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    Fiio q5 Powering Zmf Blackwood?

    I was looking for a portable amp to power my zmf blackwoods for the office. Do you all think that the fiio q5 has enough power? Or would something like the xduoo xd-05 be better? Thanks.
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    Zmf Blackwoods