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    Long hiatus: any new closed headphones as bright and detailed as T90, K701, MDR-V6 ?

    I'll check them out, thanks! Shure makes great needles, so I assume their headphones may be higher quality than their relative lack of hype in the headphone game warrants. I was looking at the Sennheiser HD820, and AKG K872, and was very dissapointed by pronounced dips in the frequency...
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    Sony MDR-1AM2 - Impressions Thread

    Are these extra flat like the MDR-V6 ?
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    The New Grado White Headphone

    Truly a beautiful set of cans. More manufacturers should offer white models.
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    Looking for best "isolating" closed headphone.

    How do you like your dharma compared to your hd800, pom ? As for the bigger topic, as I read this thread, I was Wondering if these are any other opinions out there, regarding this same unicorn. A really great sounding phone which is closed and extremely isolating and capable of big volumes...
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    The AKG K7XX Massdrop First Edition Thread

    All Black ninja K7XX are among the best looking open back phones ever, IMHO. And dollar for dollar, only phones which compare soundwise are Sennheiser HD600.
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    Sony New Flagship Headphones is Coming on 2nd Sep, 2016

    Great news !!!   I hope its as flat as the MDR-V6, but with even more precise detail and a ridiculous soundstage!
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    AKG K812 Pro

    That is an unreal deal for how great these headphones are. I paid $890 for mine and they are worth every penny and more. I've tried all the super planar flagship at 3-5 times the price I paid, and I still preferred my K812, thankfully.
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    AKG's new K872?

    As a very enthusiastic K812 owner I'm super stoked this is happening. I just hope it isn't more bass-heavy as the K812 is already slightly too heavy/too fun, for its intended use as a reference monitor. A tiny upswing from 1k-2k would be welcome from the k812 Waiting with baited breath.
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    The Beyerdynamic DT250 Thread

    just checking in saying that the DT250 velour pads are the greatest thing to ever happen to Sony MDR-V6's. It makes them the perfect studio headphone by a country mile! congrats on breaking thru the matrix ! Higher end price tags and heavy planar drivers just don't beat the studio quality...
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    Closest Frequency response signature to Beyerdynamic T-90 amongst IEM/In-Ear ?

    I'll say it, I like very prominent mids, especially from 800hz-3khz, and I like bright, airy, spacious highs. I've always liked the airy AKG house sound amongst full size open back phones. Among closed phones I still drastically prefer the mods of Sony MDR-V6/7506's to anything higher end. I...
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    Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

    Yes of course, and it is what everyone expects.  HD800S is a warmer, less sterile, more "musically alive" HD800.  It's less reference, and more audiophile, than the HD800.  In fact, I think the HD800S is actually sennheiser's "audiophile/reference hybrid", much like the K812 pro is for AKG.  I...
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    Sennheiser HD800S Unveiled!

    HD800S actually sound slightly darker, with extended, warm, heavier bass impact and quantity, more like a barely veiled K812, than an HD800 to me.  I like them both, but not more than my T90Jubilee or K812.
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    AKG K812 Pro

    ^AKG Really did tailor these to apple products.  My K812 sounds positively perfect, directly out of the 1/8" plug of my MacBook Pro.  Sure, it has more bass Impact when ran out of the 1/4" jack on my UA audio interface, or the studio's Apogee interface, but I wouldn't say the highs or mids lack...
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    Q701 impressions thread

    Killer mod for the handful of us who love the AKG house sound, but disliked how those bumps felt after a day's worth of work hours with them on! :ok_hand_tone2:
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    The AKG K7XX Massdrop First Edition Thread

    That should be an absolute bass monster now, if the new runs of massdrop k7XX's are as bass heavy and "dark for an AKG" (still slightly brighter than most planets or the HD650) I didn't do the bass port mod on my k7xx, but did on my q701, and loved it