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    AK XB10 BT Amplifier

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    Lotoo PAW S1

    Like new and complete. Price includes PP fee and CONUS shipping.
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    DAPs with Cirrus Logic DAC?

    Colorfly C4, C10.
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    Was that for a brand new unit, or one of Open Box units?
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    RBH H2 ProStereo BT, Fender DX-A1

    Both in like new shape: RBH H2 BT earphones with Aptx-HD, LDAC, and has a rather rare AKM DAC/Amp which I believe is the first of its kind. One of the better sound wirelss BT earphones. $65 Fender DX-A1 iems. $45
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    Etymotic ER38-18 tips

    8 sets, brand new. Best tips for Etymotic, IMO. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
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    AK XB10 BT Amplifier

    Astell & Kerns. Bluetooth BT amplifier with 3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced. Includes USB charging cable and instructions booklet. One of the better sounding BT audio receiver/amp, IMO. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
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    How many people still love physical media?

    I occasionally find a SACD gem at my local Half Price Books from time to time.
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    Topping A90 Black - NIB

    Just received this from Apos after paying DHL Express shipping. Well, my setup has changed. This is brand new and unopen. Paid $499.99 like everywhere else. Will include my Apos purchase invoice. Price includes PP fees and CONUS only Priority shipping. No trades. Same day shipping if...