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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

    @IDK for me it just doesn't extend low enough. I know what the pannys are capable of with the Lisa and even the pico dac/amp. I would recommend it for walks outdoors working out and such. But it will never replace my regular portable rig another thing is if your sweating it might be uncomfy...
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIV]

    No I cannot thats why I did not return the thing to Its perfectly adequate during long bike rides but not when I have the option of wearing wires. The low end is a bit off compared to wired but thats expected the things battery lasts for weeks and is super tiny.    Quote:
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    My sound from MIG-29 tubes

    v nice casework.
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    Duribility of hje900 drivers

    had em for a month no driver trouble yet.
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    Radio Controlled Car-Fi

    the added advantage is larger car means bigger parts and easier for klutzes like me to maintain... i might just get an 8th now
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    Radio Controlled Car-Fi

    thanks buddy yeah i was gonna start with a mini z until i saw the suspension travel of a 10th erevo fell for it totally hehehehe
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    Radio Controlled Car-Fi

    any recommendations? I am thinking of a less than 500$ nitro or the erevo brushless mini 1/16th. Really reluctant on the electric since I do not want to keep switching batteries cos they run out while on the track or any far off locations. The nitros I am thinking off are truggys like the hpi...
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    Audio GD Reference 5 coming soon

    Thanks Pete then dsp1 it is for now
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    Panasonic RP-HJE900 Zirconia Review

    Has anyone tried the W1 Sleek audio wireless Kleer set with the pannys? I placed an order for one and and waiting to try it out soon!!
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    Why is SPDIF better than USB?

    What he means is the upsampler in the gamma 2.
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    Why is SPDIF better than USB?

    I found the same thing. The USB and the SPDIF in the gamma 2 sound very similar. I have another 8471 the Ibasso D10 and on that the USB and the SPDIF sounds very different. The SPDIF is clean while the usb not so much without any extension in the top end.
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    My loved K701's has to go. What should I get instead? T1?

    Ive heard both the K701 and the HD600 and the 600s sound grainy in the highs sometimes and have a somewhat reduced sound stage, could not fix that with a variety of amps (lisa, ehha, b22 etc)... a silver cable on a 650 sounds a lot closer to my ideal sound....
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    Possibly the best tube headphone amplifier in the world....

    LOLZ!!! quote from seller "It has no other components except the tubes and the inside batteries." ROFL
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    HD650 and HD600 comparison

    I kinda cant replace both these. The 600s with a nice tube amp sounds awesome albeit with a grainy top end.... But to relax at home I went with a 650 with silver cable upgrade (moon audio) and that sounds divine through a lisa 3 or a beta 22.....
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    Post pics of your builds....

    very nice build... how did u flush fit the locking trs jack?