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    Best Build Quality Headphone?

    DBIs and German Maestros... built like tanks.
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    ES7 Upgrade for Rock, <$250

    Ultrasone HFI-780 are great for rock. I've got both HFI-780 and ATH-ESW9s, and the ESW9s have been getting dust in my closet since the 780s arrived. But I do like the more aggressive sound sig of Ultrasones.
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    My Favorite Rig Only Costs $70

    I'm also having a great experience with a poor-man setup: A pair of $30 DBI Pro 700 + $35 Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro USB + $0 Foobar2000 = Bliss! The same goes with my Ultrasones, but that combo doesn't qualify as a budget rig, I guess...
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    Image S4 Hippo VB or Future sonics?

    I've got both the Atrio M5s and the Hippo VBs, and the VBs are clearly superior to the M5s (which I like a lot). Bass on the VBs is punchier, and their sound is clearer than on the M5s. Great budget IEMs.
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    Talk some sense into me? HFI-780's

    Great. I hope you'll enjoy your 780s as much as I enjoy mine.
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    dbi Pro700: first impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by srcHG Sounds good but I have some questions: - how is isolation affected by the GMP pads? - are the highs much less sharper? - how much did you pay (especially for shipping etc.)? Thanks The pads I bought for my DBIs from German Maestro are the...
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    dbi Pro700: first impressions

    Yes, they're sealed. No, they're not what I would call "portable" (big ear cups and cable is a tad heavy). Yes, they can be powered by an iPod, I guess (my Cowon S9 has no problem driving them, and even my Sansa Clip does a good job in that matter). Their bass is near the quality of Ultrasone...
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    Traveling with full-size headphones

    Hmmm, no. In Rio de Janeiro, that's an invitation to get mugged. On the go I wear my IEMs, which have great sound and help me keep a low profile. But I keep a good pair of full-sizes at my job.
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    It's hard explaining to friends/family why you need multiple headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by sree Most of the people around me do not have a hobby or aren't willing to invest in a hobby. As a result it is hard to explain and those with a hobby or willing to spend understand in my opinion. Same here. My soon-to-be-wife has some problems...
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    dbi Pro700: first impressions

    If you find the highs on the dbi aggressive, you can tame it with some EQ (they react very well to EQ'ing). I, for one, am very comfortable with their highs -- Ultrasone fan here.
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    dbi Pro700: first impressions

    After spending quite some time listening to my DBIs, I came to the following ranking: 1 - Ultrasone HFI-780; 2 - dbi Pro700; 3 - Ultrasone HFI-550; 4 - AKG K271 MKII; 5 - Alessandro MS-1; 6 - M-Audio Q40; 7 - My ATs... I put them above my HFI-550 considering the overall value. At $30...
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    Nice cheap closed monitors?

    dbi Pro 700. You can grab a pair off eBay for $30 plus shipping. Awesome value. Closed, circumaural, comfortable, almost indestructible, has great clean sound and punchy bass.
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    Best sub 100$ headphones

    Yeah, they're rather big, so not good for portable use. I've got IEMs for that, so it's not a big deal for me. Since they're dirty cheap, I keep a pair in my parents' house, a pair in my apartment and another on my desk at my job.
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    Best sub 100$ headphones

    If you're after a closed headphone, there's the DBI Pro 700, which is an awesome value ($30 + S&H off eBay). They're circumaural, very comfortable, have great clean sound, punchy bass, and are virtually indestructible. But they're not good for portable use, due to their size, and heavy cable...
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    good quantity bass DAP?

    If you can, try the S9. I also had a D2, and now have a S9 as my main portable player. IMO, the S9 gets everything which is great about the D2 and takes it a step further. Also, my brother has a Sony S616F. The sound is great, but ClearBass just can't compete with Mach3Bass on that model...