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    Circa Survive new album "Blue Sky Noise" 4/20/10

    I expected this album to be more complex (they way the previous albums progressed), but I like this change in sound. Your comment is identical to what my girlfriend said. BTW, Are you stationed on Wright-Pat? I'm at Davis-Monthan. Don't find alot of other Airmen into good tunes.
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    Circa Survive new album "Blue Sky Noise" 4/20/10

    I agree that good music / songwriting is much more important than SQ. Give me the best songs in the world recorded on a cassette deck, over the worst **** in the world mastered by whoever...
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    Military Career Suggestions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shizdan Sorry for the late responses. I have been working my dead end job (Server at the Olive Garden). I was thinking about joining the Air Force and doing something with computers (I consider myself well above average in that I build and tweak them). I'm...
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    Military Career Suggestions

    Quote: Originally Posted by beamthegreat you could be a military janitor... You win the "most inane post of the thread" award.
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    Military Career Suggestions

    I am an Enlisted Air Traffic Controller in the US Air Force. If you have any questions please let me know. edit : Also, everyone in this thread should clarify whether or not they have served before offering up opinions.
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    P-mount cartridge under $100?

    Hmmm, more to think about on the cart front (still haven't invested in a new one yet ) Anyhoo, I finally got around to cleaning the JVC out (both thorough internal dusting and a De-Oxit bath), and it sounds pretty damn sweet. All internal gremlins are gone, or haven't shown back up yet, and...
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    P-mount cartridge under $100?

    Quote: Originally Posted by germanium I had one of those JVC amps nearly 30 years ago. Grado cartriges work well on it. Did not like the sound of the cheaper Ortofon cartridges on it though, bright & irritating. These amps have good headroom for a 40 watt/channel stereo amp. Played...
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    P-mount cartridge under $100?

    So, regarding the Grado black vs. the Green, is it worth the cost of upgrade, or am I even going to be able to tell? The table is a Technics SLBD20D, and the receiver is a JVC JA-S22.
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    Camera-Fi'ers help!

    I need to have pictures taken from an Air Traffic Control tower of the view (360 degrees around) from the tower. Total there needs to be about 8 photographs (to cover cardinal points) and they need to have to full detail of the city skyline in the daytime. We had some pictures taken and the...
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    Target scanned my driver's license

    Quote: Originally Posted by MCC Wal-Mart has done this for years. It's done to verify your age and the info shouldn't be cached beyond the transaction. Scanning the card saves the checker the inconvenience of punching in your birthdate and makes it harder to get by with a fake ID...
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    BIG headphones finally found!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Armaegis I love the look of those old "ufo" phones. Are there any modern equivalents? Have you seen the new iteration of the SR60?
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    Is it a good thing that headphones are getting pricier?

    Quote: Originally Posted by leeperry you can prolly imagine a HD800-lite for <$500 in the next coming years If that's the case, where is our R-10 / K1K / *insert grail headphone here* lite?
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    Trent Reznor of NIN is an audiophile

    Quote: Originally Posted by Dublo7 Trent, unlike Marilyn Manson, has grown up. His music will never be The Fragile quality again, but at least he won't die with a needle in his arm. QFT
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    The End "Elementary"

    I picked up The End's 2007 album "Elementary" on a whim a few weeks ago, listened to it in the car and chucked it on the CD rack dismissing it as a mediocre at best. I pulled it out when ripping all of my albums in iTunes the other day and have been listening to it in rotation with the new...
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    Budget 2ch Home Theater speakers.

    The Magnapans look amazing, but I think my cat would annihilate them (maybe you remember my Virtual Dynamics cable...). There is a dealer of PSB speakers right down the road from me, I will have to go check them out.