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    Yamaha EPH-100

    i bought mines from bh in nyc back in december 2014, i've had this issue three times.  I thought it was an issue with my phone until a google search led me here.  I guess it could be moisture buildup.  It usually fixes itself if I take off and leave alone for a few hours.  Given I enjoy these...
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    Galaxy SII - which IEMs ?

    Am I going crazy?  I bought the sony ex600's and I find that it pairs very well with my epic touch 4g,  to my ears sound better than the z1000 (this is with poweramp) but any other headphone the epic touch 4g sounds like crap even with poweramp.  I do not understand how this is possible,
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    Yes and No.  In settings--->audio engine--->advanced   uncheck direct volume control.  However it will not sound as good.   
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    Also what's sony's issue with on the go playlists or playlist creation on the unit in general?  There are no technological limitations as poweramp can do this.. I long press a song and I get an option of "THROW"....what is this and does anyone actually use this?  
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    Is there anyway to get the stock player to recognize playlists from Windows media player?  Or media monkey possibly?
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    Quote: Okay, disabled this in poweramp settings and solved the prob.  thanks. 
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    Anyone get a 130 mb system update to 1.20 today?
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    So, thinking ahead 1 or 2 years, anybody know if it's possible to open this beast up and replace the battery?   I H8 sealed batteries.
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    NEW Sony Walkman Z Series mini review!!!

    How would i do that?
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    Sony MDR-EX600: Impressions Thread

    Current ex700 owner here.  I bought the ex700  years ago not long after they came out, couldn't understand why such an awful sounding headphone would cost so much money.  Left them alone.  Then one drunken night my Shure se530's (which I had just received two weeks before for warranty...
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    Shure warranty help?

    I won't ask.  Go to shure's website, look for the warrantary repair form, ship headphones out with the form.  You will get replacements in about a week or less if under warranty.  
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    My Thoughts Of the New Sony Walkman A865

    The review is fair,  they said the ex300's were decent compared with the stock headphones that come with most mp3 players, and they ARE.  For the average user who doesn't spent $100+ on headphones, they will probably be very satisfied.   The screen isn't an issue for me.  I have an Evo 3d to...
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    NEWS: Sony Asia Pacific announces 11 new balanced armature in-ear headphone models

    When I original bought the ex700, I too thought it was a complete waste of money.  They say unused in my desk drawer for two years.  Then my HJE 900's gave out,  had to resort to using them, after a week the harshness disapeared and maybe my brain adjusted to the sound because I enjoy these more...
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    My Shures!!!!

    Quote: I own the 420's (cord is now broke, but I didn't care enough for the sound quality to send in for warranty) also the scl4's(cord issue as well, second return out of warranty now).  I've been a shure ho for sometime now.  Really want the 535's but 500....unless I win big at the...
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    I have my hands ON the Sony X1000 Walkman - Impressions / Discussions

    NYC....I am grieving.  Drunk as hell friday night/ saturday morning, basically passed out on the 4 train....someone pickpocket me for pack of cigarettes, my X1000, and my shure se530's.  Do I re-purchase or can someone reccomend something newer.  Does any body know if sony plans to release 32 or...