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    Custom Art FIBAE 7 announcement & impressions thread

    @jackyzhu the F7 is very natural sounding -- I wouldn't say that it is bright per say even though there is a hint of brightness (absolutely no sibilance nor does it sound piercing) in the notes in the midrange. There is absolutely no veil so the sound is opened. The extent of brightness, I would...
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    AAW x Shozy Pola and Pola 39 Tour

    Interested in hearing both of them!
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    FS: Andromeda S # 1990/2000

  4. Custom Art FIBAE 7

    Custom Art FIBAE 7

    FIBAE 7 utilizes the world’s first, patent pending, Flat Impedance design. Featuring seven drivers: Dual Sub-Low, Single Low-Mid, Dual Mid-High, and Two Top-Firing Tweeters. FIBAE 7 is an epitome of natural sound, delivering even frequency response with immense details without fatigue.
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    Custom Art FIBAE 7 announcement & impressions thread

    Yes, I do totally agree that technicality-wise, the F7 is better than the F3 (And I prefer the sound signature as well). I skipped the F4 but I think you have combined the good things from the models I own — my favorite sound signature yet! I will give it more time before sharing my thoughts on it.
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    Custom Art FIBAE 7 announcement & impressions thread

    After having the F7 for 3 hr (and non-stop listening) I would say, at least to me, that the F7 is like F3 on steroids. The overall character is similar -- forward vocals and upper mids, extended but non-fatiguing highs. However, the difference I noticed is that the center-mid, in comparison to...
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    Custom Art FIBAE 7 announcement & impressions thread

    Here we go. Does anyone observe any differences in SQ between custom and universal? Imm on the verge of pulling the trigger now.
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    Review by 'akared' on item 'Campfire Audio Polaris'

    Campfire Polaris Review Disclaimer: This Polaris unit was graciously lent in by a friend who purchased the unit in full price for limited period of time. I am not affiliated with Campfire Audio and the review reflects my honest opinion on the Polaris. Introduction: Not needed. Campfire Audio...
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    Review by 'akared' on item 'Cross Lambda Stardust'

    Cross Lambda Stardust Review Disclaimer: Crosslambda Stardust was provided to me free of charge for a limited amount of time in exchange for my honest review. Introduction: Improvement in sound quality resulting from upgrading the cables is such a controversial topic in the audio world – Some...
  10. Cross Lambda Stardust

    Cross Lambda Stardust

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    CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

    I'm sure it will be worth the wait! :)
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    CustomArt FIBAE Impressions Thread

    I might have been lucky as I have shipped to Custom Art 3 times and I never really have to pay import taxes. The package went through custom just fine. However, when you ship to Custom Art, please ensure that you specify what's in the package. I put 'electronics' once and the package got stuck...