Loving life with good music.
Also love photography though trying to get better.
Photography (whenever given chance)
Gym (occasionally)
Couch potato (mostly)
Headphone Inventory
Denon D7000
Audeze EL 8 (CB)
Campfire Cascade
JH Layla custom (V1)
JH Roxanne custom(V2)
Empire Ears Zeus XIV ADEL
Noble K10U custom
Custom Art Harmony 8.2
Fitear Parterre custom
Shure SE 846
Sony XBA 4
BGVP DM6 universal
Headphone Amp Inventory
AK 380 amp
Vorzuge Pure II+
Vorzuge Duo II
iFi Micro DSD BL
Portaphile NOK
Centrance BlueDac
Earstudio ES100
Geek out v2+
Source Inventory
AK 380 Cu
Chord Hugo v2
Chord Mojo + Poly
Lotoo PAW Gold
Questyle QP1r
Onkyo DP S1
A&K titan & RWAK
Fiio X5 v3 (fidelizer mod hardware & software)
Teac HA P5
Cable Inventory
Null Audio Vitesse (Roxanne)
YY Audio Pluto (siren series)
Effect Audio Thor II (Empire Ears)
Moon Audio Silver Dragon (Layla)
Norse Audio Silvergrade (Noble K10)
Moon Audio Silver Dragon micro to micro
Forza/Lavri Interconnect
Furutech lightning to usb
Power-Related Components
17" 2009 MacBook Pro Retina
Other Audio Equipment
Denon A1
Monitor Audio Gold series surround sound
Velodyne sub
Music Preferences
Anything that sounds good to my ears
Finance Hobbyist Photographer


My neighbours listen to good music whether they like it or not.