Head Gear Reviews by Aero Dynamik
  1. CEntrance DACPort HD

    4.50 star(s)
    Got mine used from sheldaze (thanks!)   Packs a very clear, clean and meaty (slightly u-shaped) sound in a very small light weight package.   I think I prefer it over all my other sources, except for perhaps my O2 DAC/AMP which is more neutral and a little more spacious but maybe not quite as exciting/fun. It's a matter of preference and genre and not a matter of SQ.   Works extremely well and is 99.5 % black with all of my current IEMs/headphones. An extremely faint hiss can be heard when not playing.   As of now I don't have any super...
  2. HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2

    4.50 star(s)
    (This review is dedicated to Music_4321 for his outstanding contributions on Head-Fi)   Before I begin I would like to mention that I have no ties to HiSoundAudio or the headphone industry in any way. I’m just a hobbyist who loves music and IEMs.   No doubt about it; this is a great sounding in-ear monitor. Definitely hi fidelity! Not just relative to its price but also in comparison to my most expensive IEMs costing more than US $1000 each. However, this is not a neutral reference IEM but instead tuned for a very enjoyable, pleasant and non...
  3. EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM

    5.00 star(s)
    This is the first review I've ever written about anything, and although there are already many good reviews out there, these IEMs are so special to me that I feel I owe it to the head-fi community to write my own review. I should warn you that this isn’t an audiophile’s review, but rather about what I feel the EarSonics SM3s bring to my musical experience.   Before getting to the core of this short review, I'd like to give you some background on my way of thinking. I love great music. But what is great music? The answer, of course, depends on who...