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    News: Sony 1Gb Flash players (The Sony Shuffle?)

    There's a pink one. >.>; It will be mine.
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    Decisions, decisions...

    Well, I have a job now. Go me. I work at a bar that pretends to be an Irish pub even though no one who works there is even part Irish. lol I wash dishes and empty trashcans and clean, which is a lot better than serving drinks because I don't have to worry about dirty old men. Unfortunately...
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    mint and 16ohm sennheisers

    xin feng seems to think the sennheiser mx series benefits from amping. I'm not so sure though.
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    Noob building 75 ohm adapter... Help?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nikongod there is probbly some excelent reason NOT to do this. skool me. Yeah, the reason is it won't do anything. The ground wire doesn't carry a signal.
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    EX71 vs E3c

    The E3c are much more detailed than the EX71, to the point that you will probably notice the deficiencies of such low bitrates.
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    Need some ideas (Girlfriend related)

    I'll give you a suggestion from the other side of the fence; my side. You want a girl to feel loved and special? It's really easy; listen to her. Listen to anything she has to say, and I don't mean in one ear and out the other. Listen, learn, comment, even debate sometimes. If I'm dating...
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    another canal: "new Sennheiser IE4 in-ear-monitor"

    Quote: Originally Posted by UserNotFound Are you kidding me? As a musician, MD33's style buds have nowhere near as much "stay put" power as e2c's. If you wrap them over your ear to try to eliminate the terrible microphonics, the slightest tug breaks the seal. They also distort at loud...
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    another canal: "new Sennheiser IE4 in-ear-monitor"

    Quote: Originally Posted by DigDub a md33 without the 4-pole plug! i'd be the first to get it if i ever see one. look like senn made a very wise choice in choosing the md33 as their oem. this thing is gonna sell like hotcakes, given the reputation of the md33 around here. mass...
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    What Bands or Albums did you first?

    I didn't like Portishead the first time I listened to their self-titled album. Then I listened to "Dummy" and liked it a lot, and went back to the self-titled, and liked it even more. One of my favorite albums, Shiina Ringo's "Karuki Zaamen Kurino Hana" I absolutely hated, thought it was...
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    AD843 - my new favorite opamp!

    So a wallwart PS with tons more amperage than the amp even comes close to drawing is unlikely to do this, I take it? It's an 18V 800mA wallwart.
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    Ipod thefts finally came to the big city

    Soon is subjective, like maybe next month, or the month after. I wasn't talking about next week or tomorrow. I'm hoping that my ex-boss will stop jerking me around and let me come to work at the other location. Really, I don't have a choice, I can't be jobless for two months, I have to find...
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    Audio-Technica's ATH-Ax00 series might fit your bill as well as beyerdynamic DT660. However be warned that all of these circumaural closed headphones are massive, the cups almost the size of a CD. Canalphones would also solve your problem, if you can get used to the idea of sticking them...
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    should i get an ipod mini?

    The iPod Mini isn't all bad. I'm not a dumb uninformed member of the foul-smelling masses, yet I bought one and I live in the US where there's plenty of other microdrive DAPs cheaper. When it comes down to it, think about usage and about features. What features do you want in a DAP, and does...
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    AD843 - my new favorite opamp!

    They can't run unbuffered as far as I can tell. They oscilliate like crazy in a cMoy type design; yes I've tried.
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    What gadgets do you carry around?

    Do you guys really want to know the contents of my purse? Okay, I'll be gentle. Pocket: iPod Mini (pink) Future Sonics EM3 (soon anyhow! I hope.) Gerber Mini Covert serrated clip knife Purse: Checkbook/wallet Sony 256mb flash drive (it looked the coolest lol) pink Mini MagLite...