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    The Headphone Driver Pics Thread

    Has anyone had any success on aliexpress drivers under $100? Like K100 + shell you can get for $148 is that worth the pricepoint?
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    50mm Driver Recommendations

    I have a 50mm headphone shell and am looking for some drivers off aliexpress my budget is $60-$120. Hoping to make closed-back headphones with a wide sound stage with v-shaped signature crispy treble and warm bass, without having awful vocals. Has anyone had a good experience picking up drivers...
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    Good Ear Impressions Massachusetts

    I got my impressions done with my local audiologist in Chicopee Massachusetts and I'm less than thrilled with the result and they were acceptable for ciems. Does anyone know of good audiologist in western mass I only seen 1 or two in boston ever mentioned.
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    Rhapsodio thread

    Has anyone of you broken a pair of rapsodios? I cracked a part of the shell of my solars. Is it pricey to repair?
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    Waterproof Ciem possible?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to create a custom pair ofiems that are waterproof to swim with. Yes I know that's insane. The Knowles RAF and RAB drivers are listed as waterproof but what other drivers could I use? Would I need to put wax over the connectors? would the filters be safe?
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    Rhapsodio thread

    I have the Rhapsodio Solars I asked Sammy what drivers were in the Solars. The exact drivers are : 4 single driver Knowles CI-22955 with a frequency of 5.5 kHz and impedance of 68 Ohms. 1 dual driver Knowles TWFK-330017 with a frequency of 6.5 kHz and impedance of 43 Ohms. 2 dual driver Sonion...
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    Balanced armature model IEM with good bass

    Its the Toneking t88k I got it from someone who owned the dm6 as well he liked this one better but coukdnt get a good fit due to the size its sizable in comparison the dm6 I can can send a side by side if you want. I have pretty large ears so I though it would be good for me...
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    Balanced armature model IEM with good bass

    I ended up buying a t88k as a sort of upgrade to the dm6 as others have described it as similar sound but wider sound stage and less focus on the treble I got it for 260 so thought that was reasonable price for all knowles drivers 8 on each side. Worst case scenario I get some great BAs that I...
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    BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

    What is the soundtage on these DM6 what some comparvle iems to that in terms of soundstage?
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    Balanced armature model IEM with good bass

    I know BA driver only models are not meant for bassheads but id like to be able to upgrade them down the line. Reshells only work on BA driver models and at that point I'll add a dynamic driver. What are some models that have more punchy bass they achieve through multi drivers. I like v shaped...
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    Upgrade from 1more Quad Driver?

    Which iem would you suggest that have almost no microphonics large soundstage and clear but strong bass. One that is within a similar price range if I sell my quad drivers?
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    Upgrade from 1more Quad Driver?

    The audio source his my Samsung note 8. When wearing down I get alot of sound when walking around campus which is when I use them mainly. When I wear them up to prevent this annoying issue but the wire falls down since the wire isn't meant to go over the ear like that. The fit in my ears is not...
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    Upgrade from 1more Quad Driver?

    I love the sound for the quad rivers but wearing them down gives too much microphonic. When I wear them over my ear they don't stay over and I have to readjust constanly. I was thinking about getting custom tips (I already have impressions made) or maybe stabilizers to help. Should I sell them...