36 / m / vancouver - yay ASL!
anime, movies, reading, swimming, racket sports.
Headphone Inventory
Sennheiser HD 800
Aeon Flow (closed)
Grado HF-1 #285
Sony Eggo MDR-D77
Sennheiser HD555 (modded) (possibly lost...)
Hifiman RE-400
Bose QC25
Headphone Amp Inventory
Firestone Cute Beyond
Nuforce Icon Mobile
Source Inventory
Firestone Spitfire
Nuforce Icon Mobile
OnePlus 5T

iBasso DX200
Cable Inventory
cables are just cables. sorry, woo fans.
Power-Related Components
some plugs and things. and power sockets.
Fedora QA (


iBasso DX200 + amp1 / LG V30 -> Sennheiser HD800 / Grado HF-1 #285
OnePlus 5T -> Hifiman RE-400 / Sony Eggo MDR-D77 / Bose QC25 (not sorry!)
PS4 / HTPC -> Marantz NR1607 -> Paradigm Mini Monitor front, Energy RC-Mini center