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    Audioengine A5's?

    Does anybody know of any place to to buy them in Japan? Or is it strictly on-line only?
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    Yuin G2: first pics + impressions

    I would probably have to listen to one before I made a purchase despite all the ravings. All the Yuin headphones look cheap. I don't like the name either.
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    WMP... it doesn't allow to retag songs ON the device?!

    Hi guys, it's been over a year since I last posted here but I have recently got the bug again. Anyhow, my 5G iPod crapped out so I went out and bought the NWZ-829 from Sony and I have so say the SQ is absolutely stunning paired with some E500s. Now, to my issue... What I would do on the...
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    Veggie's Marshmallow's review - the JVC FX33 ripped appart!

    I clicked on this thread because I expected to see some pictures of some FX-33 guts. False advertising. I demand that you rip apart the FX-33s like the thread title suggests.
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    define "cracking" on 5 pro - pics?

    This is the cracking... along the seam of the two halves. Personally I live in Canada and I ordered from the States so I couldn't deal with the hassle of RMAing so I just fixed it myself. Superglued the seam and it's been going strong for over a year now.
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    What Colour Are Your Marshmallows?

    Black. All other colors, (as Borat would say) are for men that like to do with other men.
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    Favorite canalphone of the moment

    I'm not going to lie... these things sound pretty nice. I think the important stuff that has been said in this thread has been said but I'll add a few points of interest. First thing that I really look for with cheap cheap IEMs is sibilance (a la the EX5,7,8 series from Sony - I own the...
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    Forum NOOB... getting into it, W/Pics...

    LMAO... hilarious thread.
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    Holy PX100s Batman!!!!

    PX100 is a superior phone to the KSC75. More extended bass and doesn't make buzzing noises when playing low notes. Smooth midrange and highs albeit they may be a little recessed. In any case they are more pleasant to listen to than the more extended and articulated KSC75's which also seem...
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    DT880 (2003) lacking Bass = pure myth

    I run them on some warm 12FK6 tubes.... sounds very nice. Picks the bass up nicely. I personally think the AKG K701 is a better phone than the 880 though. I could say they are both pretty neutral but the K701 is a little more fun to listen to.
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    oh goody, an iem from bose!

    These have been talked about for the past month. Mixed reviews. Imo, they suck. No high end whatsover. They feel like they are going to fall out of your ear. For the money there is are IEMs that will give you a much better value.
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    Marshmallows - Any good?

    JVC canal phones suck... FX series blows and I don't see how these will be any different.
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    A bit of a Head-Fi Disaster- Emergency Help Needed If Possible...

    Maybe you can consider taking them apart to check on the connections... these are frankenstein headphones so it should not make a difference if you open them up again. I'm just saying this because headphones are pretty durable and I highly doubt the driver would physically get damaged in the...
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    Interesting audio-technica headphones on eBay...

    Ok... if you are so convinced they are real, then they are real and we'll just leave it at that. When you finally get them and find out they are fake and file a complain with paypal you will only get your 5 pounds back as Paypal will not reimburse the 20 pound shipping cost.
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    Interesting audio-technica headphones on eBay...

    Quote: Originally Posted by nsjong Well, there are some major cosmetic differences between the real EC7's and the "fake" EC7's. NO ONE has yet to prove that they are fake; they could be the OEM ones that Samsung has used. No one has compared directly the "fake" ones with ones straight...