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    Comply Foam Tips Canada

    Hey guys, I was wondering were I can get some comply foam tips (s-400) online delivered to Canada payed by paypal. I have tryed the comply website but they charge alot for shipping, is there anywere else i can get them for cheaper shipping? I also looked at this ebay page but they look...
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    PureGear PureBeats Premium In-Ear Headset?

    Has anyone heard of these headphones, if so what are your opinions on them?
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    Bose headphones?

    Hey guys im a little bit of a noob but i was wondering if anyone knows if these are real? The price seems to good to be true, thanks.
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    Would i be able to plug these straight to my computer?

    Hi, Im thinking about buying these speakers for my computer, I was wondering if i would be able to plug them straight to my computer without any other equipment. Sorry if this is a really newbe question, thanks!
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    Best low end computer speackers?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what you guys think is the best low end computer speakers in the price range of 50 - 60 dollers, thank you !
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    Lets talk dubstep ..

    What is currently your favorite dubstep song, also how do you feel about dubstep remix's? Personally for a long time i enjoyed Steve Aoki's pursuit of happeness remix. What about you?