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    Cables for Sennheiser HD800 and Schiit Mjolnir

    Double Helix Cables will do a complete termination for $215 if I'm not mistaken
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    Did I just see spongebob headphone's mentioned in the deal thread...I now see why there is speculation in closing it.
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    New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil

    Name the pre-amp "Shiit Haute", otherwise known as "Haute Schiit"
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    Shipping Discussion (Fed-Ex, USPS, UPS)

    This thread is for the discussion of shipping services offered by Fed-Ex, USPS, UPS (AKA who delivers your audio products).   Who is your favorite/least favorite, and why?       My personal findings:   GOOD:   USPS- Cheap and reliable shipping for Domestic shipments. Never have I had a...
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    Let's Catch A Thief!! (Update: CAUGHT!)

    Any updates to the man who has been arrested? Has he been involved in any other thefts?
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    Florida Meet: Ormand/Daytona area

    I remember some time back (2011ish) there was a head-fi meet in Daytona/Ormand beach this time of the year. There was a bunch of people who attended, and there was "the best" donuts served at the meet. Does anyone remember this, and is it still happening?
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    Is it ever appropriate for the seller to use OBO?

    It tells me "I would like this amount, but if you offer me lower i'll take it". Often times this leads others sending offers way below asking price as well. 
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    Is it ever appropriate for the seller to use OBO?

    OBO-Or Best Offer   Often times when I am looking to buy something, anything, then I will come across posts along the lines of "Selling XX $50 OBO".     So is there really a purpose of the seller to use the term "OBO"?     If there is something I want, and the seller has "OBO" I will...
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    Anyone up for a Project

    Hello fellow DIY'ers. I have tried to talk to various companies about getting my Beyerdynamic headphones re-cabled, and not a single one has replied, and the local shops only repair instruments. I would do it myself, but after severely shocking myself on my last soldering I am not up for it.  ...
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    IC: North Carolina meet, March/April 2014

    I might make the drive if it's in Charlotte. That's around 3 hours. Raleigh would be a little too much of a drive for me, five and a half hours.
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    **Potential Meet for Atlanta Area**

    I can bring my DT880's, my Bottlehead Crack, and Schiit Modi, and Macbook Pro w/ 16gb RAM.
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    Pairing w/ DT880's (250ohm)

    Hello,   Looking to pair my DT880's with a DAC for around $100. I am thinking of getting a tube amp to go with it. What would be my best option, the Schiit Modi?   Amps: Bottlehead Crack Schiit Vahalla
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    NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

    Loki or Modi to pair with this?
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    NEW Vali Schiit AMP!!!

    Sorry for not being knowledgable about hybrid amps, but if the tube goes out after lets say a year and a half, would we have to send it off to Schiit and pay to have it fixed?