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    Headphone recable help for a kid

    My has a pair of Yamaha HP-1 cans he wants to try to recable. It will be his first such project. He's looked around a bit trying to find a source for cables but has come up empty. They are a split cable which makes it a shade more complicated. Any help wold be appreciated.
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    Tempted to return to Grado / ALESSANDRO.

    Seriously, no one has a ting to say about these cans?
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    Tempted to return to Grado / ALESSANDRO.

    I few years back I sold my Alessandro MS1s. I loved them but thought I wanted to try something new. I grabbed a set of Audio Technica ATH-AD900X direct from Japan. I loved them and still do but they don't get much use as they are on the large size for me. I'm thinking of going back to Grado...
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    Google Pixel help

    OK, I get it now. Way to much money and kind of kludged.
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    Google Pixel help

    For use with a phone, and mobile? Now I'm confused.
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    Google Pixel help

    Budget? For an amp? Hadn't got that far yet Still trying to determine if it's the pixel. My 5x had much more volume.
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    Google Pixel help

    Nobody throw me a bone?
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    Under $100 with isolation.....not FiiO EX1

    OK, so I have a set of EX1, really nice balanced sound. I like them, but they are open and not isolating. I need some IEMs for driving in a loud car. Can't stand bass heavy nor can I tolerate sibilant, any recommendations for well balanced IEMs would be appreciated. I still miss my old UE...
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    13 yr. old son looking for MP3 player

    He's an Android fan, so Apple is not an option!   Well I agree about the Nexus, but he's set on a dedicated player, I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to move to FLAC also.   His current cans are a pair of PortaPros and ProDJ100, so he's got a good starting point.   He's also got an old...
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    Under $50 IEM for gift

    I need to pick a pair of IEMs for my brother.  Would like to stay under $50 and can't figure out what to get.  Needs:   - closed - comfort - down cord, no ear wrap or any other gizmo - just cans, no mic no controls   Any suggestions?  I had the Marshall Modes pick out but just can't bring...
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    Nexus 5X + FiiO EX1 no good?

    OK, so I don't use my 5X with headphones much but when I have I've noticed I get very little volume.   I'm just wondering if I've got a bad phone, headphones or are these just hard to drive and the 5X sucks?
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    The BEatles - REMASTERS ARE COMING!!!!

    Anyone know if the Mono version is available on CD?     Yeah I know, old thread!
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    CD reissue, pressing, version reviews? Anyone know a source?

    OK that guy is a nut!  Nothing wrong with that though.     It's something anyhow.
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    CD reissue, pressing, version reviews? Anyone know a source?

    You'd think after all these decades there would be a site for this!   I don;t want to start replacing all my CDs but a handful of my favorites I wouldn't mind upgrading especially since I've now got a new 2 channel system set up with speakers that blow away anything I've ever owned.   I...
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    CD reissue, pressing, version reviews? Anyone know a source?

    I'm in the market for some new CDs after deciding vinyl isn't for me (I'm 47 and listened to lots a vinyl as a kid but don't want to start a new hobby now!  Plus I already have hundreds of CDs).     I've looked now for a couple weeks with no luck to find some kind of database or review site...