Head Gear Reviews by A1945
  1. Aerial7 Pheonix Storm With In-Line Mic

    5.00 star(s)
    First let me say that I LOVE these phones, the have awesome bass, decent mids and tamed highs which is what I like, if you're someone who likes sparkling highs, these aren't for you. These also work very well if you are like me and wear your headphones on the back of your neck.   A couple things I don't like, the connector has the 3 rings on it so that when you connect it to a phone it will power the in-line microphone but this kind of prevents it from operating on older equipment. I have an 11 year old Sony CD Walkman and this headphone will...
  2. Sony MDRZX300

    4.50 star(s)
    I decided to purchase these so that I wouldn't wear out my Aerial7 Pheonix's. I prefer headphones with swiveling ear cups so that I can wear them on the back of my neck so I don't lose my hair from headphones. Comfort isn't the greatest in the world but they are tolerable for about an hour. The equipment that these are being used with a Dell Vostro 1500 and 6+ year old Sony CD Walkmans.   For me, the phones sound best when they're connected to a Walkman. Here are the specs to these phones.   Frequency Response: 10-24,000 Hz Sensitivity: 102...
  3. Aerial7 Tank Headphones Shade, One Size

    4.50 star(s)
    These are great headphones. I got these for free off a website called Lockerz, so I didn't spend any money on these but now that I've had them, I would definitely buy them. Sound is very good, bass is very deep and to me it booms (but I like that), mids are decent and highs are there but not overwhelming.   Build is the best I have ever had, they're somewhat heavy but I don't mind that if that means they'll last but they do get a little heavy on the head after a few hours.   Comes with a carrying sack, 2 different cables one is a heavy duty...