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    Looking for stock cable replacement HD595

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread from '09, but this thread was the top hit in a search on the part number for the cable I'm looking to replace.  Interestingly a tweet from SennheiserUSA John Falcone said the following in regards to my question on replacement cables.   "part 528103, under $20...
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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    No need to apologize mp3gamefreek!  Thanks a *ton* for posting!  If someone finds it, let us all know!  :)  Cheers!!
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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Quote:   Couldn't find 'em when I looked- they're either out, or I'm not Amazon savvy.  :)   edit- weird, Amazon pushed me to the MC5 as a "newer version of these headphones."
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    Active noise reduction -v- sound isolation IEM's

    Hi guys,   I've been toying with getting some Sennheiser PXC-450's, mostly due to a recent spat of rambunctious office mates.  I was tempted with over the ear mostly due to my belief that they may add more sound isolation.  But, maybe this isn't true?  And that's why I'm here.   I tend...
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    IEM's - ER4's -v- Shure E2C's? Sound isolation and freq response?

    Hi guys,   Posting a few posts here about my search for a new pair of headphones/earphones!  I've got another question on the headphone board regarding active noise reduction -v- IEM's (feel free to weigh in here if you want).   But, here goes the questions... I currently have the...
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    opening up the shures e2g

    Quote: Originally Posted by zer061zer0 No. In fact, for those who find the E2s flat, dull or boring should try to recable them with silver wires. They simply change my opinion of them after I recabled them with some silver wires. Hi zero061zer0- Can you tell us a bit more...
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    What headphones is Thom Yorke wearing?

    Was doing a search in the Google today searching for the exact same thing (IEMs), and found this: Quote: One of the top monitor engineers in Great Britain, David “Tree” Tordoff has spent much of the past six years working with the great British band Radiohead. (See the Tour Profile in...
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