Graduate student who single handedly keeps Neoguri in business (Ramen).
Anything I get my hands in to- HAM radio, DIYaudio, dorking in the research laboratory.
Headphone Inventory
Not much, I'm afraid... Shure e2c's (fantastic), Apple IEM dual drivers, some old over the ear Canadian cans of Dad's (quite excellent).
Headphone Amp Inventory
CMOY in a Gether's Pastille box (blue LED through one of the flowers is indicator), dorking with ANR circuit
Source Inventory
Whatever I can get my hands on. Currently iPod touch for most listening.
Cable Inventory
? do cables do much other than offer a bit of less resistance? I have a gold-coated set of home electrical sockets to sell you!
Music Preferences
Pretty eclectic these days, but credit Aaron Copland for saving my proverbial life, grew up on Beethoven and Handel, dabbling in Jazz and live shows. (viva dynamic range!)
Living? You can make a living as a grad-student? Where? how?