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    Need Suggestions

    Alright...So I bought some Sony MDR-V55s from Wal-Mart. My Wal-Mart had them on clearance for $30. I haven't gone through any kind of burn-in period with them yet and they already put my old Pioneer SE-MJ5s to shame. I'm glad these were cheap though. Still need to find an over ear alternative.  
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    Need Suggestions

    I'll have to look into those. Thanks for the comment. :)  
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    Need Suggestions

    My Pioneer SE-MJ5s are starting to wear down after 4 years. Looking for a new pair of headphones with a balance for music, portable gaming, and movies on my tablet. I listen to mostly electronic, k-pop, hip-hop, and orchestral. My budget is $200. I want them to also have decent bass without it...
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    Sound card suggestions...

    Update: Plantronics Gamecom 780 sounds amazing. Only con is the actual lack of an equalizer. Did not need the sound card due to the headset being USB. Returned it and upgraded my video card from a 4870 to a 6870. I will still get a sound card at a later date after I upgrade my home theater...
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    Needing suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I also found 2 others, but would love to hear thoughts on them.   Corsair CA-9011112-WW Vengeance 1500   Audio Technica ATH-AD700
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