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    Introducing the Noble Audio Falcon T.W.S. and the Tux 5....Oh, and Prestige Universals!

    The shape of the Falcon does look similar to the Creative Outlier Air. I hope that the Falcon have better (softer) buttons and eartips tbecause those are my 2 main issues with the Creatives. Type C on the Falcon is really appreciated though. Will look forward to demo it.
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    Difference between the 58x and 6xx?

    No they are not the same. I blame Z for this misinformation. Sennheiser themselves say they are different. Here's their official reply on the Massdrop discussion page: "Though the HD 660 S and the HD 58X Jubilee are both dynamic driver designs made from our specially developed plastic, the same...
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    Win a SUSVARA

    After years of using budget stuff, I'd like to finally experience what music should sound like!
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    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    Nope I also cleaned my ears earlier just to be sure. I tried my spare IEM too. I also tried wearing the right earpiece on my left ear, and left earpiece on right ear. Even though the fit is bad, the difference in volume is very obvious.
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    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    Hmm I tried my 846s again after some time, and for a few minutes, it did work just fine. Both sides. Then all of a sudden (after 3-4 songs), the right side muffles out again. I'm thinking this is what Tyll was referring to in his article on BA drivers:   "The reason why BA drivers are so...
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    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    Yeah i took out the nozzle and the filters to see if there's anything blocking, but nothing. I've just sent an email to the local service center but I'm kinda worried since they don't have the best reputation as far as service center goes here.
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    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    Thanks for the suggestion but that doesnt work. I also tried cranking the playback volume to max and put the 846s on the table like speakers. The left side is way louder and clearer. 
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    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    Uh so just today I notice that there is a channel imbalance on my 846s. Right side sounds noticeably more muffled. I've tried different sources, different cables, reversing stereo channel, switching filters, all to no avail. Before I contact the service center, anyone can share any...
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    [Review] Encore mDSD (dac/amp) - a new pocket rocket to make you hum

    Thanks for that. Roen pointed out that the mDSD is not suitable for the super sensitive 846s, but so far no such issue pointed out with the Dragonflies. It'll be nice if I can try the mDSD for myself, but so far no local retailer that i can find.
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    NG Audio - new high-end IEM and CIEM company with some pretty intriguing designs

    For me the pics aren't vertically aligned (on my PC). It's not too bad though, since it doesn't disrupt the text. 
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    Noble Audio Wizard Savanna Giveaway!

    1). 141,191 2). 176,422 3). 154,300
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    The discovery thread!

    I'm wondering if anyone tried the 'SE846-lookalikes' from AK Audio. There are 2 options of 5 and 6 BA. I do like the form factor of the 846, and they are relatively cheap.   EDIT: new...
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    Perfect Seal Custom in-ear monitors

    Does Perfect Seal do ownership transfer/reshell? If yes, how much and how long (it will take)?
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    Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

    rottencheese   More mid/low end CIEMS! As much as I want the likes of H8Pro, K10, and especially the UERM (or the new one) I just cant afford those :/
  15. M-Audio M50 Over-Ear Headphones

    M-Audio M50 Over-Ear Headphones

    M-Audio's M50 headphones feature powerful 50mm drivers for outstanding performance that is totally unexpected at their modest price. They feature a comfortable over-the-ear design with great noise isolation, ideal for long hours in the studio monitoring your mix down tracks. With their...