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    Would you prefer a 'detachable' cable or a 'permanent' cable?

    I'd prefer detachable if it was universal and could be used to balance headphones a lot easier, finding someone to balance headphones in the UK is impossible to my knowledge, would help the situation.
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    Crackling in left speaker when bass is put through it

    Could be as simple as a hair on the driver, or could be something more.
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    When do you use your Headphones?

    When I'm at computer, so most of my time on my days off.
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    K701 or DT880 or something else for vocal and details??

    Oh yeah, don't take my comment as saying that the DT880 sounds like it doesn't have the mids it should, its just that they aren't as forward as the K701.
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    K701 or DT880 or something else for vocal and details??

    Although it may just be in my head, although it isn't a huge dip in the upper mids, its the first thing I notice when I change from one set to the other.
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    K701 or DT880 or something else for vocal and details??

    After getting my K701s, I prefer them for most things over my DT880s.
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    New here with Shure 840s

    I can't be the only person who doesn't bother burning in before using HFs, I love hearing the change overtime that just comes from useage rather than anything else.   Congrats on the purchase though!
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    Sennheiser hd202 , hd 457 or pmx60 ???

    The 202s aren't that bad, I've just had to use some for a week because my DT880s broke and my K701s hadn't arrived, they surprised me after a bit of tweaking and EQing, still not great but you can't expect the world at that point.
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    The best solution for gaming

    He has the 32Ohm which is why he can get away with the amp in question. 
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    The best solution for gaming

    I've used a pair of AD700s first and then a set of Beyer DT880 250Ohms, I play a lot of online PC gaming, mainly FPS based where obviously positioning etc is high up the list of important things, I remember the AD700s being very nice, I regret selling them in all honestly but not because of the...
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    Glasses and full-size cans??

    I use chunky sized frames and although they do press into my head for a few days, after that its plain sailing as the pads adapt to the frames being there. 
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    How open is an open headphone?

    My AD700s leak a huge amount, I can have them on the desk next to me and still hear pretty much everything.
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    The ATH-AD700 Discussion Thread

    I love my AD700s, they were my first 'proper' headphones, as of this morning I took hold of some DT880s so these are going to be pretty much just used for movies now.
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