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    Audeze LCD-4

      This is exactly the worry I have. I should explain - I have the 100 ohm LCD-4 and I rate it as the finest HP I have ever owned. Mine work just fine - so the dilemma of having them changed to 200 ohm V2 and sounding "worse" or leaving them as they are and hoping they don't break. Having said...
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  3. 29029 ??

    Hi all, Thinking of buying a Violectric HPA V281 from these people. They are in Germany - I am in the UK.   I have emailed them to various addresses and got no replies at all. Are they still trading? Anyone used them recently??   Apparently the V281 comes with various faceplate, feet, DAC...
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    Bakoon HPA-01 (SOLD)

    PM sent.
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    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    I got the email as well. I have gone for blue too :)
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    DAC recommendations under 10,000 bucks

    I had a similar dilemma a while back. I ended up buying a Resonessence  Labs, Mirus. They cost £4500 GBP here, so around $7500 maybe in the US?  It bettered anything I heard at any price point.
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    Delivery times, BHSE, Cavalli LL Mk2, EC Electra, Woo WES and "customer service".

    Steve - thanks for your input - i'll have a read up on this. I owned an Apache many years ago - great amp :) Paradoxper - yes you are right. From my research, I'd say you are totally right on both counts. Plenty to think about :)
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    Luxman P1-u Headphone Amp + lots more high end :)

    For sale - for full details please contact me - all PM's will be replied to quickly. I am based in Surrey but can arrange shipping etc. Impeccable rating and feedback on Audiogon and eBay. I am a private collector and these sales are not from a Trader in anyway.  No PX please and no...
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    Ortofon Hd-Q7

    PM sent
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    Violectric HPA V200 Why not sufficiently appreciated??

    Slight off-topic, but has anyone done any sort of meaningful comparison of the Violectric HPA V200 (with onboard DAC) against either of the Burson amps?
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    REVIEW : Burson Audio HA-160 with listening impressions

    Slight off-topic, but has anyone done any sort of meaningful comparison of the Burson against the Violectric HPA V200 (with onboard DAC) ?   The Burson is on my home rig and I'm thinking of the V200 for my work PC and/or lap top. Wondered as I will be using the same cans - whether people...
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    ATH-W1000X Thread!

    Quote: I don't agree with this. Just spent a very pleasant evening with Incubus, White Lies and some Leftfield / Orb / Ministry of Sound compilation - it all sounded quite brilliant. Just my views though - we are all different i guess.