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    Ipod classic - rockbox - its happening.

      Many thanks for uploading this file. I could not find a alternate download link anywhere.
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    Matrix M-Stage amp review: simple, cheap, and excellent.

    Grant fidelity is in fact selling matrix as well. Looks like they setup a matrix canada website separately. Website:
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    REVIEW - Yulong Audio Sabre DA8 Reference DAC

    I think the last mentioned introductory price from Yulong was 12,800rmb (around 2100 USD). Higher priced compared to the DA8 but not double. I'm sure this will probably change closer to the official release.     Quote:   Any chance you know if the A8 uses the discontinued K170/J74 JFET?
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    REVIEW: Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

    Agree with project86. The headphone output on the front is definitely better for most low impedance headphones.   A few pages back I measured the output impedance of the tube out around 150 ohms. This is too high for most low impedance headphones even if damping factor is not a issue ie...
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    Brief Odac impressions

    Quote:     Have you tried hooking the ODAC to a usb hub with a external power supply? I previously had similar problems with a usb powered DAC. The cause of the problem was dirty USB power supply from my laptop. After hooking up the DAC to a externally powered hub, I never had the...
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    Any impressions of the Grant Fidelity PH-6 headphone tube amp?

    I've owned the Grant Fidelity PH-6(Yaqin PH-5) headphone for about 7 months. It was one of my first headphone amp purchases after venturing into the headphone hobby. Overall, it is a nice entry level headphone amp for the money. This amp uses a hybrid design of tubes for the pre-amp stage and...
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    REVIEW: Yulong Sabre A18 Reference headphone amp

    project86 - First of all, thanks for the review. The Yulong A18 is one of the amps I am considering at the moment. One area of concern for me is what you described as "Class A hum" driving certain low impedance/high sensitivity cans. Have you discussed this potential issue with Yulong/Grant...
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    Buying a 24V Regulated Power Supply in Canada

    salinmanji, which province are you located? I would suggest looking at local electronic component stores. ie. active electronics, MRO electronics. Locally in Calgary, Alberta I have seen regulated 24v for little as $10 to $15.
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    Grado Fan Club!

    Quote:   wow. I didn't realize the U.K. pricing was that much out of hand. I would be surprised if they sold any at that price of $2761. 
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    Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2

    I just picked up my Magnum v4 a few days ago from a local head-fi member. It has the earlier light grey version of the v4 driver. The metal inserts and gimbals do add a bit of weight to the headphones. Mine came with the headphone lounge leather headband. It helps with the weight a fair bit. I...
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    REVIEW: Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11

    Just a FYI, I tested the TubeDAC-11 output impedance for both headphone and tube outputs (see below). The output impedance of 160 ohms for the tube out is quite high for driving most headphones. Probably best suited as a line out to a amp rather than driving headphones. The headphone output...
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    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    I made quite a few headphone purchases I regretted dearly. The top of the list includes:   1. Sony XB500 - Lots of muddy, boomy, sloppy bass. 2. Monster Beats Studio - Over priced and over hyped. The obvious reasons why I didn't keep this. 3. Sennheiser 558 - Overall, I did not like the...
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    Grado Fan Club!

      Quote:     Good choice. The PS500 is one of my favorite Grado cans.