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AT-PHA55BT & other portable stuff

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R2R-11 Sennheiser HD540 Reference Early production 600 Ohm Stereo Hifimans HE-400i AT-PHA55BT & other portable stuff AKG K240 Sextett Middle production 600 Ohm Yamaha HP-50A (Ludoo) AKG K240 DF 600 Ohm Late production Open HD565 (left), closed HD265 (right) Sennheiser HD250 Linear & Linear 2 1 part is missing DT990 DT48a
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  2. Adu
    I have the same configuration Mojo and Echobox Finder X1; sound excelent together!
  3. myusernameislove
    Hard to say, they are gone. That AT LDAC receiver was replaced by Shanling M0 (which sounds much more neutral and better in my opinion). Mojo is still the one most refined.

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