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Christoffer Braathen - My Headphone Rig<br />
<br />
dCS Debussy - DAC<br />
Ray Samuels...
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In This Album

Christoffer Braathen - My Headphone Rig

dCS Debussy - DAC
Ray Samuels Audio Emmeline The Darkstar - Pre/Headphone Amplifier
Audeze LCD 3 - Planar Magnetic Over-ear Headphones
Ultrasone Edition 9 - Over-ear Headphones
Beyerdynamic DT 1335 - On-ear Headphones
AKG K3003 - In-ear Headphones

Shunyata Hydra Cyclops - Power Distribution
Shunyata Z-Tron Python - Power Cables
Synergistic Research USB Active SE - USB Cable
Shunyata Z-Tron Python - Balanced XLR Signal Cables
Double Helix Element SE - Balanced XLR Headphone Cables
(Hybrid Shielding, Ultra Style Sleeve and Furutech CF601 Carbon Fiber XLR Terminals)

Synergistic Research Tranquility Base - Active Vibration Dampening Stand
Synergistic Research MiG - Resonator Footers
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