Album: TH-X00 Pad rolling

TH-X00 Pad rolling

Updated Dec 17, 2017
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  2. thefitz
    Great work - are the Dekoni pad readings with the tuning rings off or the tuning rings on?
  3. cskippy
    Thanks! No tuning rings. I didn't like the boominess they added.
  4. thefitz
    Awesome! I actually found the rings to add harshness too.
  5. Hazi59
    The dekoni th-x00 are only available on massdrop, correct? I have a pair of dekoni th-900 sheepskin, but I'm fearing the outcome of since the ear cavity is a completely different shape.
  6. cskippy
    Yeah, unfortunately they are a Massdrop exclusive. Hopefully rhey become an in stock item where you can just order normally.

    The internal structure does change the frequency response for the worse with the TH-900 Series pads.


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