Album: My Current Headphone Amps

My Current Headphone Amps

Updated Dec 3, 2017
Headphone Amps  
Little Dot MK III  
Little Dot 1+  
Schiit Stack  
80 GB iPod>Whiplash LOD> iFi Nano  
256 GB iMod>ALO LOD>Ray Samuels SR-71A> Campfire Lyra II  
NOS JAN RCA 6AS7 Power Tube and NOS USA Tung-Sol Tall Bottle 6SN7 Driver Tube  
80 GB iPod>Whiplash LOD>iFi Nano>Westone 3  
NOS Jan Sylvania 5998 Power Tube and NOS Sylvania 6SN7 Driver Tube  
My Current Headphone Station  
Audeze LCD-XC w/Schiit Mjolnir  
Headphone Station  
My Current System 2  
JM Labs Electra 936  
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  1. FPVguy
    DANG. for a moment I thought one headphone amp was enough, I stand corrected. :)


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