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Album: Frequency Response graphs

Dayton iMM-6 IEM measurements

Frequency Response graphs

Updated Nov 1, 2019
KPE vs. IT01  
KPE tape mod  
Moondrop Kanas Pro  
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Dayton iMM-6 IEM measurements
  1. headenvelopedinsound
    What kind of coupler are you using if you don’t mind sharing that info? I have the same unit and am just using some tubing but wanting to find a better solution. Or maybe an exact measurement of length of tubing. I get consistent reading sometimes and not so other times. I think it has to do with the tubing itself I am using.
  2. CoiL
    Have to check to be sure but I think coupler tubing was ~1-2mm larger at inner diameter than iMM-6 mic end outer diameter. I am using heat-shrink tubing over mic end and then tube coupler over it. Additionally I have taped it all over at connection part with electrical tape to provide air-tight connection as possible. Tube itself is about 3-4mm thick. And I do all my measurements 13mm distance from mic edge.
  3. CoiL
    I could probably get even more "accurate" results but it is enough for me and is in accordance to my hearing and ear-canal size (insertion depth). I should probably post pic from my coupler with exact measurements and post my calibration file to use for everybody.


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