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Fostex HP-V1 - 6.5 mm Headphone Jack Mod picture 1 i used a neutrik nys2203 jack picture 2 you need to desolder the two caps and placing them horizontal: picture 3 drill the hole in the front, grind down the jack a bit in the height (marked), shorten the connections.you also need to grind down the nut on one side ca 0.8 mm (had to be orientated upside at end): picture 4 you can use tp7- tp9 for the wires to solder, i use 2 x solide silber wires and 1 ooc copper wire: picture 5 you have enought place for the cables under the tube (you see here the nut side which need to be grinded down a bit): picture 6 if you want use wider 3.5 jacks you need to grind down here a bit: picture 7 have fun with the mod