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Album: A&K SP2000

My new A&amp;K SP2000<br /> Ultimate DAP

A&K SP2000

Updated Sep 6, 2019
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My new A&K SP2000
Ultimate DAP
  1. Fondler
    Hi:) Which Earspeaker are you using with it?
    I‘m using it with the shure se846 + upgrade Cable from Ted Allen. Sounds amazing though Im looking for an Upgrade. I‘m not quite sure which IEM would give an Upgrade in spaciousness and clarity.
  2. IgeNeLL
    I would be mine :) it is current product from my new, young brother which utilize electrostatic tweeter. It is called TXN dest V2, hard to drive and express lots of micro dynamic and space rendering which benefit so much from the SP1000 up to SP2k or good cable. For shure SE846, I recommend to upgrade.


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