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  1. cash1489
    "M&O BERYLLIUM ACOUSTIC Bluetooth Headphone Review"
    This review was originally posted on If you say you have never heard of M&O Electronics before, I would surely understand, because I am just making their acquaintance myself. I first heard about the MOOH-BE00BT Beryllium Acoustic... View Full Review
  2. johnnyb
    "Topping's top-of-the-line portable DAC/Amp"
    Topping has recently released a new dac/amp called the NX4DSD. In researching the market to upgrade my current portable amp, I came across this model, designed and manufactured in China, and available online via AliExpress and now on Massdrop.... View Full Review
  3. noknok23
    "Magnyfing lens over a Feather"
    dream is an earbud released by a new audio company called HiFi Boy based in Chengdu, China. They also released two IEM which, according to reviews, seems to be of good value. Disclaimer I bought the earbuds on with my own money and... View Full Review
  4. Nymphonomaniac
    "Deliciously tuned audio dream."
    CAMPFIRE AUDIO POLARIS REVIEW : [ATTACH] SOUND: 9/10 CONSTRUCTION: 9/10 VALUE: 7.5/10 A friend of mine gently lend me this IEM and I want to thank this secret friend greatly for giving me this opportunity to try high end IEM from a price range... View Full Review
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  5. yong_shun
    "Cascade - "The Prototype""
    First of all, this is my first review in Head Fi and wish to say hi to all the Head-Fiers here! :clap::clap: English is my second language so please bear with me if there are some grammatical errors :cold_sweat: Waited long for this model to be... View Full Review
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  6. Lifted Andreas
    "Almost a 5 star, definitely has the 5 star sound!"
    First of all, I have to say that this is my first Hybrid IEM. That might be a shock to some, but its true. I've always been a dynamic driver fan, and more recently micro dynamic. Another reason is my DUNU1000 got lost in the mail a few years ago... View Full Review
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  7. narco dacunzolo
    [ATTACH] Noble Audio is considered one of the most famous company in the audiophile community for its multi-balanced IEMs, both custom and universal. Right now their flagship are represented by Katana and Encore models, but just recently they... View Full Review
  8. vrln
    "Great For Easy Listening"
    Disclaimer: I bought these from a local reseller some time ago and kept them for a bit less than a week. In other words this review isn’t based on as much experience as I would usually prefer to have, so this may have an effect on things. The... View Full Review
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  9. Tysun
    "Power House In A Small Package!"
    Comparison between Fiio Q5 vs Oppo HA-2SE Disclaimer: I own Oppo HA-2SE and Fiio Q5 was loaned to me in exchange for an honest review of the unit. This will not be a full review of Fiio Q5 but rather a comparison between those two dac amps as... View Full Review
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  10. ExpatinJapan
    "A cascade of soulfulness and beauty"
    Campfire Audio Cascade Headphone Review - Expatinjapan [IMG] [IMG] Campfire Audio Cascade headphone review - expatinjapan 'Cascade is a culmination of a 3 year engineering effort to bring our signature sound to a headphone. The result is a... View Full Review
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  11. Cinder
    "APTx, Up-sampling, and Qi Charging, Oh My!"
    Nexum Aqua+ Review: APTx, Up-sampling, and Qi Charging, Oh My! Nexum is a audio tech company based in Taiwan. They specialize in building high-quality source and wireless interconnect devices. Ranging from mobile DACs to WiFi adapters from your... View Full Review
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  12. Cinder
    "Han Sound Muse II Review: Conduit of Song"
    [IMG] Han Sound Muse II Review: Conduit of Song Han Sound is a high-end cable maker from Taiwan. They specialize in making… well, cables! They have a pretty impressive lineup, ranging from unique looking cables like the Muse II to the functional... View Full Review
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  13. bobbypete
    "good headphones for the price and seem durable"
    i am not an expert. so i bought these as bass headphones. i woulda got the xb950s but they have durability issues. ditto for the skullcandy crushers and im not sure if the bass is consistent on those either. these seem to be more reliable... View Full Review
  14. Dobrescu George
    "Opus #1s - Vivid Dynamic Strong"
    Opus #1s - Vivid Dynamic Strong Opus #1s is the successor to Opus #1 from Opus, a rather large company from Korea, known already for having brought us Opus #2 and other amazing DAPs. #1s is their midrange DAP, and it is going to be interesting... View Full Review
  15. General Consumer
    "A budget DAP that match my LG V20"
    I'm sorry if my english is bad, since i'm still learning :ksc75smile: This is a review from a general consumer, i'm don't really know about many terms of audio words, but here it goes. I've been a LG V20 user from April 2017 and really loving the... View Full Review
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  16. MrOTL
    "The bass state of mind"
    [IMG] In the recent film industry, 'Marvel Studio' works are popular in the world, among which the 'Avengers' series has attracted a great deal of attention. 'Avengers' is a team of Super-heroes from 'Marvel Comics' worldview. Each member of... View Full Review
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  17. tarhana
    "Zishan Z2's Best Friend"
    [ATTACH] Hello all! When i started my portable audio journey, i bought Sansa Clip like most of the guys here. After buying, selling bunch of devices for now i've settled with Zishan Z2. It's a easy to carry around, easy to use in public... View Full Review
  18. DocHoliday
    "More, more, more.........for less!"
    [ATTACH] The ED10 was originally released in the late summer of 2015 and it was the fourth pair of Knowledge Zenith in-ear monitors that I purchased. The first KZ in-ear that I purchased was the ED Special Edition. I was so impressed with it's... View Full Review
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  19. Zelda
    "Dynamic Flagship"
    Dunu Falcon-C - Dynamic Flagship IEM [ATTACH] Dunu TopSound Website Once again, a new Dunu in-ear set, and this time not in the hybrid drivers’ setup fashion. Instead, this new Falcon-C model is the current dynamic flagship and features a... View Full Review
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  20. slankoe
    "Bottlehead S.E.X."
    I purchased this product myself for personal enjoyment in July 2017. It is a fantastic amplifier that I have truly enjoyed listening to music with. At the time of purchase, I opted for the C4S upgrade, which is an optional component that... View Full Review
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  21. earfonia
    "Treble-head Golden IEM"
    [ATTACH] Webpage: Big thanks to AV One Singapore for the opportunity to loan the demo set of Hifiman RE800! I should have posted this review many months back, but there was a sudden peak on my... View Full Review
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  22. ahmadfaizadnan
    "Marantz PM8005: A very capable integrated amp"
    I was in my busiest week of the semester when I suddenly received a message from my friend in Malaysia. He was interested in building his own two-channel speaker system and asked me if I can recommend him any. We were discussing it for a while... View Full Review
  23. ngoshawk
    "Little Bro goes to the gym for a toning session..."
    thebit Opus #1s-$399, paid for with my own sweat and labor, and the plastic, which pays for that… Audio-Opus #1s webpage: [IMG] Intro: Many of the latest DAP’s promote a multitude of features to draw a... View Full Review
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  24. Moonstar
    "Rich Sound in a Luxurious Package…"
    PENON BS1 Official Version Rich Sound in a Luxurious Package… About Penon Audio: Penon Audio is a well known Hong Kong based online store that is selling portable Hi-Fi equipments, desktop type Dac’s and Amplifiers. [ATTACH] Disclaimer:... View Full Review
  25. Cinder
    "Thinksound USP1 Review: The King of Warmth Returns"
    [IMG] Thinksound USP1: The King of Warmth Returns Thinksound’s been on my radar since the first day I started reviewing earphones: their products look great, usually sound great, and are environmentally responsible. Aaron, the designer of... View Full Review
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