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  1. audio123
    "Sennheiser IE 800 S - Remarkable Rendition"
    Introduction Sennheiser is a German company that specializes in a wide range of audio products from in-ear monitors (IEMs) to speakers. They have released the IE80S and IE800S recently as the successors to IE80 and IE800 respectively. In this... View Full Review
  2. Wiljen
    "Edifier W806bt insane battery life for an over-ear"
    [ATTACH] First off, a heart-felt thank you to George and Gearbest for providing these headphones to review. A short note about me: I am a music enthusiast, and audio hobbyist. I make no claim to have the level of experience of some here. I... View Full Review
  3. plutonim
    "Hi-Grade OP-AMPS Burson Audio V5-OPA-S"
    Two months ago I received an offer from Mr.Carlos (BursonAudio) to test V5i discrete op-amps. At that moment I was looking for the perfect op-amp for my balance amplifier iBasso PB2 "Pelican". I can replace there four single pre-amps (the gain... View Full Review
  4. Wiljen
    "Aune B1s - A for effort, B+ for execution"
    [ATTACH] Thanks for Aune for offering this tour to the community and @MSheney for organizing the tour. Unboxing The Aune B1s comes in a black pressboard box with the name Aune emblazoned in Silver on the top, and the name and address on the... View Full Review
  5. narco dacunzolo
    [ATTACH] Dunu Topsound is a chinese company quite famous in the audiophile community. My first experience with this brand was their Dunu Titan 1, that was fantastic for its price range and right now is still one of my favourite IEM under 100... View Full Review
  6. narco dacunzolo
    [ATTACH] Astell & Kern is a company well known in the audiophile community for producing great DAPs, home audio equipments and just recently premium IEMs in collaboration with JH Audio. Today I am going to review their KANN model that isn’t... View Full Review
  7. earfonia
    "The Game Changer!"
    [ATTACH] Many thanks to Creative for the review sample of Creative Aurvana Trio! Aurvana Trio is the first hybrid IEM from Creative, combining Bio-cellulose dynamic driver as the... View Full Review
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  8. theoutsider
    "Life is But a Dream"
    Introduction [ATTACH] Hifi Boy? A junior version of HiFi Man? There is one thing I am sure about Hifi Boy Dream, the sound is true to its name. I have spent approximately over a month listening to it. Many of the nights, I just let myself... View Full Review
  9. prismstorm
    "Campfire Audio Andromeda - Impeccably Done"
    [IMG] Ever since I got the Campfire Audio (CA) Vega in late 2016, I really didn’t use anything else. It ticked so many of my boxes, that I was reluctant to return to other earphones. That was until the acquisition of the exciting new Cerakote... View Full Review
  10. Dobrescu George
    "iFi iDSD Nano Black Label - Mighty Little One"
    iFi iDSD Nano Black Label - Mighty Little One iFi made the world a bit brighter when they designed and started selling their iDSD Micro BL, which we reviewed in the past, and now they are back at it again. iFi iDSD Nano Black Label is the... View Full Review
  11. DarKu
    "GilmoreLite mk2-Superlative design and performance"
    Hi everybody, Before I start with my actual review I would like to tell you a short story. A little bit over 11 years ago when I decided to invest in this wonderful hobby, headphone manufacturers but especially headphone amplifier manufacturers... View Full Review
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  12. ryanjsoo
    "TFZ King Pro Review – Resolution"
    Introduction – One can tire of the current trend of “pro” earphones, where manufacturers make subtle tweaks to slightly under-performing models and sell them at a higher-price; it’s like selling the beta version of a software then charging... View Full Review
  13. Admiralcreamy
    "Fantastic DAC for PC Gamers"
    Introduction There are already some great, incredibly detailed reviews of the Play on here, so I’ll try to provide a different prospective. I’m a newbie to premium audio, and the Burson Play was the first high-end non-mobile DAC I’ve listened... View Full Review
  14. DocHoliday
    "If you think you can!"
    [ATTACH] If you think you can! If you think you can! What's with the odd opening statement, Doc? I'll answer your question with a boyish grin and a sense of feigned modesty because I know something that most of you... View Full Review
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  15. justrest
    "Campfire Andromeda"
    Before starting this review, I would like to share technical aspects and package details. [IMG] Specifications: 10Hz–28 kHz Frequency Response 115 dB SPL/mW Sensitivity 12.8 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance Dual High Frequency Balanced Armature... View Full Review
  16. Cinder
    "Plussound Tri-Copper Review: In The Palm of Luxury"
    Plussound Tri-Copper Review: In The Palm of Luxury Plussound is a custom cable maker that’s been around the block; they’ve figured out a pretty good formula for coming up with cables that are compelling luxury products. Recently they’ve revamped... View Full Review
  17. Nymphonomaniac
    "Small OPamp for a BIG sound improvment"
    BURSON AUDIO V5i-D OPamp review: [IMG] [IMG] CONSTRUCTION: 10/10 SOUND:8.5/10 VALUE: 8/10 I'm not very familiar with Opamp swapping and just begin to discover the joy of different soundsignature OPamp can give. Strangely, at the very moment I... View Full Review
  18. Moonstar
    "HYPERSENSE HEX02; Good Bass and Solid Build Qulity"
    The HYPERSENSE HEX02; Good Bass and Solid Build Quality [IMG] 1. Introduction: Hypersense is a brand of the company LinDo Technology Co. Ltd. that is located in Dongguan, a Industrial City in mainland China. The Hypersense HEX02 is the... View Full Review
  19. Army-Firedawg
    "Pure, true to life, sound."
    [MEDIA] This beautiful beast of a product is one that I was rather surprised to be humbled with an opportunity to review. You see, while trying to get some interest and vendors to attend or show interest in the audio meet I was putting... View Full Review
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  20. twister6
    "A Natural Surprise!"
    The product was provided to me free of charge for the review purpose in exchange for my honest opinion. The review was originally posted on my blog, and now I would like to share it with my readers on Head-fi. Manufacturer website: HiFi Boy,... View Full Review
  21. ahmadfaizadnan
    "KZ ZS6: A budget neutral IEM that you need"
    In audiophile world, the price over performance ratio has always been one of a buying factor. The recent price hike in audio world ignites the concern of most audio enthusiast and audiophile globally. Headphones like HiFiman Shangri-la, Susvara,... View Full Review
  22. Audiowood
    "Fiio Q5 powerful versatile bluetooth device."
    I want to say a very big thank you to Fiio for letting me do a review of their latest Fiio product, the Q5 Bluetooth headphone amp/Dac. I have been listening to Fiio ever since they first launched their product, they have come a long way from a... View Full Review
  23. Army-Firedawg
    "The epitome of a purest amplifier"
    [MEDIA] This beautiful beast (and please take that word seriously) of a product is one that I was rather surprised to be humbled with an opportunity to review. You see, while trying to get some interest and vendors to attend or show interest... View Full Review
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  24. Moonstar
    "Great Look, Good Sound for a Reasonable Price"
    The NiceHCK HC5; Great Look, Good Sound for a Reasonable Price Introduction: The NiceHCK HC5 is a Multi Driver IEM with 5 Balanced Armature Drivers and a custom (CIEM) like acrilik shell. [ATTACH] About NiceHCK Audio: The company NICEHCK... View Full Review
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  25. mysticstryk
    "A Tale of Two ZMFs: Atticus and Eikon"
    *This is not an "official" review. More like a brief comparison with a couple pictures. I found myself with all 3 ZMF dynamics and figured I could write a short(ish) comparison of the two closed backs, maybe it will help some decide on which one... View Full Review
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