New Showcase Reviews

  1. Angelo1985
    "Above average budget in ear headphones"
    The Actionpie BS1 is a budget in ear headphone from China that can easily be purchased on Amazon in the United States for under $20 with free shipping. For the price they are quite impressive; the bass is greatly enhanced but it doesn’t lose... View Full Review
  2. ostewart
    "Silky Smooth"
    Firstly I would like to thank Earnine for sending me this sample for review, these have had well over 50hrs of burn-in, no differences were noted. *disclaimer: This sample was provided for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given... View Full Review
  3. Malevolent
    "It's not really an Encore, it's a brand new show."
    [ATTACH] PRE-REVIEW NOTES The Kaiser Encore was provided to me as a sample for the purpose of this review. I am a huge fan of the Kaiser 10. Those on the Noble thread who have seen my ramblings on the K10 would be fully aware of my fascination... View Full Review
  4. Dobrescu George
    "iBasso IT01 - Love for Music"
    iBasso IT01 - Love for Music iBasso IT01 is an entry-level priced IEM which comes to redefine once again what can be done for 100$, with iBasso being the creator behind this little gem. We'll study in-depth whether IT01 can stand against other... View Full Review
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  5. B9Scrambler
    "KZ ZSR: Getting their hybrid bearings"
    Greetings, Today we're checking out the ZSR, a new hybrid earphone from budget kings Knowledge Zenith (KZ). Prior to 2016, KZ had not released a single earphone that was using anything other than dynamic drivers. That all changed with the ZST... View Full Review
  6. Angelo1985
    "Great noise isolation"
    I’ve had the Etymotic MC5 for over a year and a half and thoroughly enjoy them. They have excellent noise isolation; especially when using the foam tips. The sound comes out very crystal clear without distortion. The cable has held up to much... View Full Review
  7. Ksweene5
    "iFi's Newest Black Label Entrant Reviewed"
    Review - iFi Nano iDSD BL (4.5 stars is my actual rating, that didn't seem to be an option when submitting) Hello HF - Full disclosure - iFi supplied the unit free of charge for a review period of apx. 7 days. This is a completely unbiased... View Full Review
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  8. ExpiredLabel
    ""THE" Accessory Few Will Know."
    With much happiness I post this review of the Aclear Porta NXT-2AK Headphone Conditioner by Nakamura Corp. (4 1/2 years in the making). Unfortunately, and with much regret this review comes at a time when Nakamura Corp. simply are not offering... View Full Review
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  9. Loquah
    "beyerdynamic Amiron Home - a great mid-level HP"
    I recently reviewed the Amiron Home, having previously owned the original T1 and DT1350 as well as auditioning countless other beyer models. I have always appreciated the beyer house sound, but have learned over time that my tastes lean towards a... View Full Review
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  10. audio123
    "Alpha & Delta D6 - Exciting Times"
    Introduction Alpha & Delta is a Singapore brand that features a lineup consisting of AD01, D2 and JAAP that targets different users. The D6 is a newly released iem that utilises their own technology, HDSS high definition. I would like to thank... View Full Review
  11. Earphone KIng
    "Bright and Detailed Sound but Many The LZ Z0Flaws!"
    The LZ Z03A produces a bright sound, which provides a lot of detail in the sound. The lack of bass en harsh high's are really a downside of the earphones, together with the low build quality. The LZ Z03A were quite hyped by some addicts some... View Full Review
  12. Earphone KIng
    "KZ ED2 Review: King of the low-budgets ($6)"
    The KZ ED2 are some good pair of earphones for a very low price. It performs very well on levels of sound, design and build quality. It delivers amazing value for it's money! Last year KZ established a strong brand in earphones. As a company... View Full Review
  13. Earphone KIng
    "Premium Design for a Budget Price!"
    The Remax RM-610D offers some real premium build quality, by the great materials used and all components well finished off. The sound is dynamic and forward, but missing details. In terms of comfort, these are really easy to wear. Remax is a... View Full Review
  14. Earphone KIng
    "Sound Characterized by Body Within The Limits!"
    The sound of the Tennmak Dulcimer contains body and all frequencies are well represented. The design is simplistic. The Tennmak Dulcimer are comfortable and suited well for long listening sessions. The sound doesn't have sharp edges, which makes... View Full Review
  15. Earphone KIng
    "Premium Build Quality, Bright Sound Quality!"
    The UiiSii HM7 offers a bright sound characterized by upper mid's and high's. The bass could be stronger. Premium build quality makes the UiiSii HM7 look a lot more expensive! The light weight and small design makes them very comfortable! The... View Full Review
  16. Earphone KIng
    "Einsear T2 Review: Bright Sound and Comfortable!"
    Great pair of bright sounding earphones for an extremely competitive price! The forward mid's and crispy high's are producing amazing an amazing clear sound! Due to their light weight and comfort, you can barely feel you are wearing earphones.... View Full Review
  17. Earphone KIng
    "QKZ DM7 Review: Majin Curse Enables Superior Sound"
    QKZ is a well known Chinese brand producing earphones. Since they offer a wide range of earphones, they are well represented in the amount of models they offer. Most of the models are budget earphones. Since some time they are also bringing more... View Full Review
  18. Earphone KIng
    "KZ ED9 Review: Awesome Dynamic Sound for a Budget"
    The KZ ED9 are one of the most popular earphones brought on the market by KZ. KZ is known for their wide range of earphones they put on the market like the KZ ED2, KZ ZS3, and KZ ZS6. What I love about KZ is that they different models are... View Full Review
  19. Earphone KIng
    "Rock Zircon Review: Who’s going to beat them?"
    he Rock Zircon’s are a great looking pair of earphones with it’s ‘angle’ designed earbuds. Beside it’s great looks, they deliver a wide dynamic sound, have an premium build quality, and low priced. Currently, this is the best deal you can get for... View Full Review
  20. Earphone KIng
    "KZ ATE Review: Monster Bass for Under $10!"
    KZ is one of the most popular Chinese brands producing earphones at the moment. One of the main reasons why KZ became such a popular brand, was because of their release of the KZ ATE. They released a $10 dollar pair of earphones producing amazing... View Full Review
  21. Earphone KIng
    "Tennmak Pro Review: The Best Dual Driver Earphones"
    The Tennmak Pro are dynamic drivers earphones, that are offering a great surrounding sound, which you don’t find much within this budget. The sound is characterized by a lot of detail, balance and accuracy. Furthermore, their design offer great... View Full Review
  22. Earphone KIng
    "KZ ZS3 Review: Best Earphones For People With Acti"
    Knowledge Zenith (KZ) is a well known Chinese manufacturer of high quality earphones for a low price. KZ have released a wide variety of earphones, that always have a good price quality ratio. In this KZ ZS3 review I will discuss the KZ3 into... View Full Review
  23. Earphone KIng
    "KZ ZS6 Review: These Quad Drivers Blow You Away!"
    This week I finally received the KZ ZS6 Quad Drivers to which I was really looking forward to. I noticed a lot of people were praising this pair of earphones, so I had to get them! At the moment I put these earphones in and start listening I... View Full Review
  24. Earphone KIng
    "Remarkable Clarity and Details in the Sound!"
    As an established Chinese brand, Xiaomi build their name over the years for their high quality products. This time they released the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, a three-unit driver earphone, on the market. They are the successor of the Xiaomi Hybrid... View Full Review
  25. Earphone KIng
    "Urbanfun HiFi Review: There’s a New King in Town."
    This is absolutely a hidden gem! On a journey searching for earphones that are providing the highest value, the Urbanfun Hifi absolutely blew my mind away. Finding these earphones is feeling as a reward for my search journey. At some point, you... View Full Review