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New Showcase Reviews

  1. dweaver
    "Audio magic"
    [ATTACH] To start I want to say I have been a KEF headphone and earphone fan for several years, owning every models of product that have released except the newest Space One Wireless. But I have also had issues with ergonomics which often out... View Full Review
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  2. DocHoliday
    "Whipped cream.....and cherry on top!"
    [ATTACH] Many budget-minded audio enthusiasts are finding solace and excitement in the relatively new IEM brand, BQEYZ. The marketplace is awash with $50+/- in-ears and the competition gets more fierce with each passing week. Anyone following... View Full Review
  3. ngoshawk
    "Sendy Aiva...a gift from the clouds"
    Sendy Aiva: $599, available from Musicteck: https://shop.musicteck.com/collections/sendyaudio/products/sendyaudio-aiva-black-beauty-series-97-76mm-planar-magnetic-headphones?variant=18480633839678 [IMG] Intro: Perusing the Musicteck site,... View Full Review
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  4. Dobrescu George
    "Electrostatic Experience One - HIFIMAN Jade II Hea"
    Electrostatic Experience One - HIFIMAN Jade II Headphone and AMP System [IMG] HIFIMAN Jade II is an electrostatic system made by HIFIMAN, an entirely new kind of headphone and AMP we are reviewing here at Audiophile-Heaven, with about 660 Volts... View Full Review
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  5. FYLegend
    "Not ideal for AAC streaming on Android"
    NOTE: This is the Bluetooth 4.2 version. Towards the end of February 2019 Astrotec has announced a 5.0 version but it was not yet available where I purchased this. Gear tested: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Exynos N960F) - AAC + SBC Sony Xperia Z5 -... View Full Review
  6. B9Scrambler
    "Periodic Audio Ti: Drop It Low"
    Greetings, Today we're checking out the middle child in Periodic Audio's iem lineup, the Titanium (Ti). Periodic Audio are relative newcomers to the industry, having been formed in 2016. Their staff certainly aren't newcomers, however, with... View Full Review
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  7. cqtek
    "A Copper Snake"
    Introduction One of the most necessary components within the audio, are the cables. Each time technology tries to improve to avoid them. But currently, the cable is still associated with the best audio quality. However, it has always been a... View Full Review
  8. FloEisX
    "Review Shure SE215"
    Hello! Altough I am fairly new to the whole Audio-Community-and altough most of you may not trust my review- I still made the desicion to post my experiences with my Shure SE-215 In-Ears here, hoping that some of you at least appreciate my... View Full Review
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  9. moedawg140
    "Questyle QP2R"
    Questyle Audio QP2R Review [ATTACH] *photo courtesy of Moon Audio Hi everyone, It is such a blessing to be here on Head-Fi to briefly share my thoughts on the QP2R, especially when comparing it to the QP1R, and sharing my opinion(s) if I... View Full Review
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  10. Palash
    "The perfect Entry"
    Introduction Effect Audio doesn’t need any introduction in our hi-fi community; they are one of the leaders of premium hi-fi cables right now. IEM brands like EmpireEars, VISION EARS & Jomo Audio also including Effect Audio cables with their... View Full Review
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  11. Dobrescu George
    "Lush Design - Master And Dynamic MW60 Headphones"
    Lush Design - Master And Dynamic MW60 Headphones [IMG] Master And Dynamic MW60, or MW60 is a Bluetooth-enabled headphone that also offers wired connection, a beautiful aesthetic, interesting comfort, and which has been said to perform quite... View Full Review
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  12. mojorisin35
    "Burson V5i upgrade- A Budget Wise Review"
    About me: I am an average Joe on a budget chasing audio excellence. I am not able to drop huge cash on audio gear so I have to be conscientious of my purchases. However when I found a deal on the Burson Audio V5I-D on my local marketplace I had... View Full Review
  13. IryxBRO
    "Periodic Audio BE — flagship IEMs from USA"
    [IMG] Periodic Audio BE IEMs — a flagship model from a very ambitious American brand with people in white robes behind it. A product developed by engineers for the sake of audiphiles, three times more interesting to consider due to the country... View Full Review
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  14. WilliamLeonhart
    "Ears, meet Silver"
    AYA always hold an important place in my heart: before the YK-1, Vietnamese earphones scene were strictly limited to cheap V-vshaped IEMs. It was the YK-1 and its brother YK-S that proved to me, and many other Vietnamese listeners, that our... View Full Review
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  15. FastAndClean
    "Hisenior B5+ Vocal domination"
    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] source for the review - Sabaj DA3 Songs used for the review Jim Keltner - Improvisation Eric Clapton - My father's Eyes Nah Youn Sun - My Favorite Things Inception - Dream Collapsing Steve Strauss - Youngstown Stimulus Timbre... View Full Review
  16. Army-Firedawg
    "A speaker disguised as a headphone"
    To start off with a disclaim, I have never been able to hold or see in person the original HE-6 so I am unable to provide any comparisons to the original and updated version both in terms of construction and sound. [MEDIA] It’s not often that... View Full Review
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  17. Watermelon Boi
    "Dunu DK-4001 Review: Perfect fusion"
    [ATTACH] Dunu DK-4001 Chi: Perfect Fusion A reputable IEM brand, Dunu finally came up with the long-awaited product - the DK-4001. It's been delayed a lot more than we expected and there are good reasons behind it. We'll be going through about... View Full Review
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  18. Voxata
    "Focal Elegia"
    Focal Elegia Review: I want to start off giving thanks to Todd of TTVJ for putting these up for tour. He has offered all types of different equipment for us to experience and this definitely doesn’t go unnoticed in the... View Full Review
  19. Dobrescu George
    "Pocket stage - Linsoul BLD Earbuds"
    Pocket stage - Linsoul BLD Earbuds [IMG] Linsoul BLD Earbuds are a pair of earbuds made by linsoul, costing around 40 USD at the moment of writing this review. They have a few enemies, and they come with a Balanced 2.5mm Balanced connector,... View Full Review
  20. silverfishla
    "Burson Audio Playmate. One of the "Better Things""
    The Burson Audio Playmate is a headphone amp, preamp and USB/DAC that is made by Burson Audio of Melbourne, Australia. [ATTACH] It's a 2W Class A headphone amp with a Mic input that uses an ESS 9038 DAC chip which is able to transcode up to... View Full Review
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  21. B9Scrambler
    "BGVP DM6: Step Up Your Game"
    Greetings, Today we're checking out the much adored DM6, a quintuple armature earphone from BGVP. BGVP and I have had a checkered past. Most of their earlier products were wonderful to look at and feel, but fell flat on their face when it came... View Full Review
  22. Zelda
    "Custom Art - FIBAE Black"
    Review - Custom Art - FIBAE Black [ATTACH] Website - Custom Art [ATTACH] The FIBAE Black page The Flat Impedance Balanced Armature Earphone (FIBAE) technology Specifications Single proprietary Balanced Armature Pressure Optimizing Design... View Full Review
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  23. Redcarmoose
    "Satisfaction For A Value"
    [ATTACH] [IMG] Did you ever hear the story about the guy who switched the wine on his friends at a dinner party? Quite simple really as his snootiest of acquaintances came over and he finds an old bottle of expensive red wine. He pours out the... View Full Review
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  24. cqtek
    "Art on Stage"
    Introduction The Ourart Ti7 are almost revolutionary earbuds, with their shape inspired by sports car wheels and their MMCX connection. The design is unique and its shape very bold, at the limit of comfort and versatility. All the information... View Full Review
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  25. narco dacunzolo
    [ATTACH] Oriolus is a Japanese audiophile company producing different portable amplifiers, players and iems ranging from 180USD(Finschi) to their flagship model 10ba Mellianus. They are quite famous in Asia and just recently they started to... View Full Review
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