New Showcase Reviews

  1. DeeKay10
    "Unrealized Potential with Some Flaws"
    GermanMAESTRO - just rolls of your tongue. Little is said about the company around Head-Fi and I imagine most of their customers are companies too. Still, Massdrop had the GMP 450 Pro for $175 and I wanted a pair of good-sounding closed cans, so... View Full Review
  2. ehjie
    "The exhilarating JP1s - One of The Best Headphones"
    [IMG] [ATTACH] Greetings all This is a review of the Mitchell and Johnson JP1 closed back A pair of Premium headphones has more, much more to offer. Disclaimer: I own this unit. There is no financial incentive to write this review.... View Full Review
  3. HiFiChris
    "Flagship Performance without a Flagship Price Tag"
    Introduction/Preamble: First things first, this is not a full review – well, it actually sort of is, but does not include all of the elements of my typical reviews. Therefore one could say it is a somewhat shortened review. I originally wrote... View Full Review
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  4. alex2750
    "Avoid These"
    As far as I can tell, the JiES X6 is an IEM that is sold to other companies that then brand and sell them rather than sold directly to consumers. I can only find JiES on lightinthebox for $8.99; I bought them from a company named Vivreal on... View Full Review
  5. Aornic
    "Very capable sound quality marred by discomfort"
    As Head-fi doesn't have the half-star increments anymore, I'd just like to say that I'd actually give this a 3.5 instead of 4. [MEDIA] Build Quality, Comfort & Features The barebones version of the Sine that I bought is slightly cheaper than... View Full Review
  6. B9Scrambler
    "OURART Ti7: Vroom Vroom!"
    Greetings! Today we're checking out the OURART Ti7. You might have immediately noticed something about the Ti7. Could it be the unusual shell? The intentional over-ear design? Maybe it's the use of MMCX for it's silver-plated, 8-core removable... View Full Review
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  7. Cinder
    "A Tentative Upgrade"
    [IMG] Macaw GT600s Review: A Tentative Upgrade Macaw is an interesting OEM. They came out swinging with their debut IEM, and subsequently their flagship, the GT100s, a single dynamic driver IEM made from brushed stainless steel that was really... View Full Review
  8. makne
    "A cable that isn't snake oil!"
    This unit was sent to me by Burson Audio, in exchange for an honest review. In the box you will find the Cable+ Pro, aswell as a usb-cable and wall-adapter for power. The Cable+ Pro is available both as RCA-RCA and RCA-3.5mm, my unit has RCA-RCA... View Full Review
  9. audio123
    "Penon Hybrid Cable - Excellent Enhancement"
    Introduction Everyone has a different stand on cables. In this review, I will give my impression on the Penon hybrid cable made up of copper and silver-plated copper. I would like to thank Penon Audio for this review sample. You can purchase this... View Full Review
  10. crabdog
    "4 times the pleasure"
    [ATTACH] Introduction With their headquarters in Taiwan and manufacturing plant in Dong Guan City, Guangdong, China DUNU is quickly becoming one of the big players in portable audio. Established in 1994 the company began as an OEM/ODM... View Full Review
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  11. alex2750
    "Big Punch From a Tiny Driver"
    I recently began a quest to find the best IEM under $30. I started with the buying guide on r/headphones and haven't looked back. Chris from Senzer Audio was kind enough to reach out to me to offer me two Senzer IEMs, one of which was the S10.... View Full Review
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  12. dmhenley
    "Toolshed Amps: Euphoria Stereo 45 DHT"
    Introductions Many of us pursuing the hifi hobby are moving toward the goal of finding a reference component that we can live with long term. While we will also continue to try new gear - of course - it's great to have a core system that... View Full Review
  13. audio123
    "Oriveti Basic - Basic Simple Joy"
    Introduction Oriveti started out in 2015 with the debut of Oriveti Primacy which is a hybrid iem with a 2 Balanced Armature and 1 Dynamic configuration. The Oriveti Primacy has been replaced by the Oriveti New Primacy. They also come up with the... View Full Review
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  14. Mark Up
    "Something Good, Something Not"
    Mixcder V4.2 This is my second review. I was part of the review tour. Mixcder was very kind to let me retain the headphones and very friendly and responsive to emails. Background I'm a lifelong musician, live and studio sound engineer, always... View Full Review
  15. darmanastartes
    "Close to greatness"
    Cayin N3 Impressions Introduction: I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in the Cayin N3 review tour. Howlin Fester had the unit before me, and has written a very thorough review of the N3, which is located here. My own focus in these... View Full Review
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  16. gearofwar
    "Not just a cable"
    Disclaimer: If you are absolutely sure that cables make no change to the system and no matter how much it evolves, it won’t change this fact on measurement and in this case, you can just go head and ignore my review; However, if you still believe... View Full Review
  17. The Correlation
    "Great price/perfomance ratio, but it's not perfect"
    A very linear headphone that has a great price/performance ratio, but it is far from perfect. ABOUT ME: I love my audio, and I love my headphones. I mainly listen to well produced electronic music (Skylar Spence, Oliver Nelson, Skogsra. ODESZA),... View Full Review
  18. Nymphonomaniac
    "Bright is the beauty, Clear is the sound."
    [ATTACH] SEAHF AWK F32 earbud review. INFO-Specs Brand Name: seahf Function: For Mobile Phone,For Routine Office Work,Common Headphone,Voice control,Supports music,for Video Game,Portable,HiFi Headphone Support APP: No Active... View Full Review
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  19. B9Scrambler
    "HiFiMan MegaMini: Sweet and Simple"
    Greetings Head-fi! Today we're going to be checking out the MegaMini from HiFiMan. In addition to their outstanding headphones and earphones, HiFiMan is no stranger to the media player world with quite a selection of high quality players in... View Full Review
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  20. WCDchee
    "A Vocal masterclass"
    Disclaimer: This unit was sent to me by hifiman for the purpose of this review. I am otherwise in no way related to Hifiman. I’ve always been a huge fan of dynamic drivers. Anyone who has read some of my older reviews, or who knows me in person... View Full Review
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  21. audio123
    "Oriveti New Primacy - Smooth & Clinical Operator"
    Introduction Oriveti is founded in 2015. They start out with their first IEM in Oriveti Primacy which is a hybrid iem with a 2 Balanced Armature and 1 Dynamic configuration. Since then, they have replaced the Oriveti Primacy with Oriveti New... View Full Review
  22. ZGojira
    "Good device, but bigger the hype, bigger the fall"
    There are enough pictures of the mojo from every possible angle, even internals, on the internet. There is nothing amusing about my particular about my unit, aside some scratches here and there, so I won't provide any photos. :wink: Background I... View Full Review
  23. HiFiChris
    "EARNiNE EN120 Review"
    Preamble: Originally posted on my German audio review site, the "Kopfhörer-Lounge", here comes my review of the EARNiNE EN120, a single-BA in-ear that is using a wide-band Balanced Armature driver that was completely designed and built in-house.... View Full Review
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  24. jeffmd
    "Great wireless headphone, wonderful signature"
    I'm just going to cut and paste my forum writeup. Has one media link that hopefully carries over. So this headphone went through a slew of sales recently and I snagged the verdant blue up for $169. I have a few head phones under my belt now,... View Full Review
  25. ostewart
    Firstly I would like to thank HiFiMan for giving me to opportunity to review these, as always I try to write honest reviews. These received over 100hrs of burn-in before review. Gear Used: Audio Opus #2 / HP Laptop > JDS Labs EL DAC > Violectric... View Full Review
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