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  1. Grimbles
    "If you need it, it's probably worth it!"
    Quick Read Conclusion I really had to shuffle the iFi iPurifier 3 USB ("iPurifier") around my kit before I noticed any difference with it. Subtle though that difference is, once I started hearing it, I quickly came to enjoy the sound with the... View Full Review
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  2. Yethal
    "A wine opened too late"
    Introduction I received the Masons V3 as part of the European Review tour. I did not get to keep them and I did not receive any compensation for writing this. My main point of reference for this review were Focal Clears driven by either iFi iDSD... View Full Review
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  3. Moonstar
    "The IEM with the beauty of a Butterfly"
    The IEM with the beauty of a Butterfly Introduction: Fiio is a Chinese HiFi brand that was established in 2007 and has experience in researching and developing countless portable music products of different types, and sell Fiio-branded... View Full Review
  4. ngoshawk
    "Maybe all the ultra-portable dac/amp you need?"
    Audirect Beam: Maybe all the ultra-portable dac/amp you need? $99USD [IMG] Audirect website: I want to thank Wood Lui for his generous offer in making the Audirect Beam available for review. All of the words are... View Full Review
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  5. techinblack
    "Fun listening experience"
    Some specifications (from Frequency response: 16Hz – 24KHz Impedance: 16Ohm Sensitivity: 101dB (+/- 3db) Total harmonic distortion: < 0.5% Noise attenuation: up to 26dB Titanium coated 8mm mylar driver Copper-clad aluminum voice... View Full Review
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  6. narco dacunzolo
    "Premium experience, fun sound"
    Once I said that you don’t generally love In-Ear Headphones until you heard a really good one. I meant that you can generally dislike this kind of products, but a really good sound could make you forget the eventual issues regarding, for example,... View Full Review
  7. B9Scrambler
    "Radsone EarStudio ES100: Deserving of the Hype"
    Greetings! Today we're checking out the ES100, a Bluetooth receiver from Radsone. Radsone is a consumer electronics and technology company based out of Seoul, Korea, founded in 2011. Their technology ( is used... View Full Review
  8. Zelda
    "FLC 8N - Multiple Choice"
    Review - FLC Technology 8N [ATTACH] Website - FLC Technology Overview The FLC 8n is one of the new additions from FLC Technology and follows the same well implemented sound tuning system that was introduced on the previous 8/8s model. A... View Full Review
  9. iems0nly
    "Neutral and intimate"
    Simple Man’s review – Ultrasone Tio (EUR 319) This is called simple man’s review because they are based on the sound of these earphones directly from my mobile phone (HTC 10), using 320 Kbps mp3 tracks. No expensive gears nor lossless tracks,no... View Full Review
  10. iems0nly
    "Tired of the extremes? Try balanced."
    Simple Man’s review – Ultrasone Pyco (USD 120 – 170) This is called simple man’s review because they are based on the sound of these earphones directly from my mobile phone (HTC 10), using 320 Kbps mp3 tracks. No expensive gears nor lossless... View Full Review
  11. toaster22
    "Empire Ears ESR"
    Empire Ears ESR Review Empire ears is unquestionably one of the top companies in the IEM game right now. I’ve heard their TOTL Legend X and it is a uniquely powerful IEM with a sound signature to match. Jack and Co. spent two years working on... View Full Review
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  12. Cinder
    "KZ AS10 Review: Cheap Champion"
    [IMG] KZ AS10 Review: Cheap Champion KZ is a veritable titan of the audiophile industry. While you won't see their ads plastered in Hi-Fi magazines or their precious flagships displayed in carefully padded display cases, you can easily find... View Full Review
  13. Johnny Mac
    "BGVP DMG, soft sound on hard build."
    [ATTACH] [IMG] We have another 1st right here on Audio Realviews, this time from BGVP. I still wonder what does BGVP stands for since there is absolutely no mention of it everywhere, maybe in another language, I’ll never know. What we have to... View Full Review
  14. Otto Motor
    "NiceHCK EB2 – The Sennheiser Killer"
    Executive Summary The NiceHCK EB2 earbuds offer a slightly warm sound signature with excellent clarity, wide & tall but not so deep soundstage, very good resolution & detail and a focused but somewhat light bass with little sub-bass (owing to... View Full Review
  15. Jaywalk3r
    "This little thing is awesome!"
    I bought this to increase the convenience level of my Ety ER4XR. I have previously used (and abused) extensively the Samsung HS3000. What I wanted for my Eties was something like the HS3000, but with more power. The device I received exceeded all... View Full Review
  16. Nunook
    "Sitting on a Plateau"
    [ATTACH] Disclamer: These earbuds were purchased with my own cash while on vacation in Tokyo. I am not associated with any company for that matter, including the links in the review. This review is my personal unbiased opinion and keep in mind... View Full Review
  17. LMka
    "NiceHCK NK10 - New King of Chinese IEM"
    I do not oftenly write reviews on head-fi because English is not my native language and there are many talented members who are well experienced in this area. However from time to time there are some good products which do not get the attention... View Full Review
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  18. iems0nly
    "Delivering class, comfort & quality under 100"
    Simple Man’s review – Sennheiser IE 40 Pro (~100 USD) This is called simple man’s review because they are based on the sound of these earphones directly from my mobile phone (HTC 10), using 320 Kbps mp3 tracks. No expensive gears nor lossless... View Full Review
  19. Not Yet
    "Not for me"
    I got these because I had the DT 880 and wanted soemthing that was darker while still being neutral and not too expensive. These were recommended to me as fitting that bill and also being similar to the HD650, so it would also give me a chance to... View Full Review
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  20. Johnny Mac
    "Meze 99 Neo, new yet lasting."
    [ATTACH] [IMG] Hot off my rendezvous with the Meze Audio 11 Neo, the exquisite house of Meze in Romania has managed to delight me with another guest and although I am yet to be a full-on convert for the cult following surrounding how Meze has... View Full Review
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  21. vanguard465
    "“The inner ear monitor with quite a story""
    Disclaimer:A Friend of mine loaned me the FitEar Parterre for a week in exchange for the purposes of this review. Details: The Parterre means flowerbed in French or the paradise seat in a concert hall. This in-ear monitor (IEM) earphone was... View Full Review
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  22. AnakChan
    "V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition review"
    Introduction [ATTACH] V-Moda is one of the prominent brands on Head-Fi that got into Bluetooth early when audiophiles were still very insistent on on wired. Despite AptX and Kleer proprietary wireless protocols were available, not many brands... View Full Review
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  23. Fasterball
    "Burson Play Basic - I love this thing!"
    This is the first review I have ever attempted to submit. I'm a fledgling audiophile - I'm still working on the ability to hear and describe all the things I'm hearing like you folks often articulate so well. I love great sound and believe I can... View Full Review
  24. Wiljen
    "Fostex HP-A4BL - a DAC/Amp with Power to spare"
    [IMG] Fostex HP-A4BL DAC/AMP I recently got to try out the Fostex HP-A4BL dac/amp as part of the Dekoni Blue review tour. Dekoni wisely had decided to send this unit with the Blue as the T50rp drivers are known for being a power sponge... View Full Review
  25. audio123
    "PEARS SH-3 - Musical Trio!"
    Introduction PEARS is a Switzerland company that specializes in custom in-ear monitors. They have 2 iems in the SH-2 and SH-3. I would like to thank PEARS for the review unit of the SH-3. At the moment, you can purchase the SH-3 from PEARS .... View Full Review
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