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  1. baiyy1986
    "Campfire Audio Cascade Review-Thunderstruck"
    Disclaimer: The unit I reviewed is part of a review tour set up by Head-Fi members Wiljen. Huge thanks to Ken and Wiljen and everyone involved in this tour. [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Intro: Campfire audio is a well-known American manufactory famous... View Full Review
  2. Watermelon Boi
    "ADVANCED GT3: Unveiling once again"
    [ATTACH] Visit or follow on Instagram for more contents! Unveiling once again, ADVANCED GT3 Advanced is a young audio manufacturer from New York that has been gaining good popularity in a fast phase. I've been testing out... View Full Review
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  3. My Little Phony
    "Awesome Closed Headphone"
    Introduction: I was looking for a new over-ear headphone i can use with my AK70 MKII portable player. In the meantime i sold my AKG K712Pro because i dint get along with their sound signature and prefered to listen to my Fidelio X2. I use the... View Full Review
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  4. BulldogXTRM
    "Dual Driver Excellence"
    [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] Dual Driver Excellence A Review On: InEarz Zen-2 Review Topics: About Me About the product/expectations Build/Design Comfort/Fit Sound Isolation Value Provided free of charge during Tour... View Full Review
  5. Cinder
    "Advanced GT3 Review: Speed of Sound"
    [IMG] Advanced GT3 Review: Speed of Sound I am no stranger to Advanced Sound’s products. The M4, the Model 3, the Alpha, the 747; there are tons of examples to point to in reference to Advanced Sound’s skill in developing unique and well-executed... View Full Review
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  6. Wiljen
    "Finally a KZ with Mids - The ES4"
    [ATTACH] My most recent review of a KZ product was for the Zs10 which was probably my least positive review of a KZ product. I bought them from an Ali store at pre-order price and got a pair that was defective as shipped, (The seller refused... View Full Review
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  7. jinxy245
    "A Helluva Mod"
    Intro The Sennheiser HD650 has been a standard for audiophiles since its introduction 14 or 15 years ago. Because of its already stellar sound as well as being relatively easy to disassemble, the 650 has also been a staple for headphone DIYers... View Full Review
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  8. CavemanSponge
    "Just.... Grab Them!!"
    ---Introduction--- I love Massdrop. Despite living in Canada and bombarded with heavy import taxes, I am still very interested in special collaborations made by Massdrop such as the TR-X00, HD6XX, HD58X, and K7XX to name a few. After years of... View Full Review
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  9. audio123
    "Hybrid Excellence"
    Introduction Kinera is a Chinese company that specialises in making iems and earbuds. They produce hybrid iems such as the BD005E and H3. After the recent release of SEED, they have released a new iem in the IDUN. I would like to thank Kinera... View Full Review
  10. alffla
    "KZ ZS10 - Long Live ChiFi!"
    [IMG] ChiFi audio products often get a bad rep. Especially Knowledge Zenith (KZ), who has become infamous for straight up copying the aesthetics of many other companies. But the KZ ZS10 is something different. We would like to thank... View Full Review
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  11. dhruvmeena96
    "Near Fantastic"
    Knowledge Zenith's, the company which is notorious for making so many models, sometimes confusing, sometimes irritating(ZST and ES3 choice) has a good history of producing gems at lower price. And today I will be talking about a KZ IEM which... View Full Review
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  12. B9Scrambler
    "Auglamour RX-1: Super Silver Haze"
    Greetings! Today we're checking out Auglamour's entry into the ear bud world, the RX-1. In my experience with the brand, Auglamour's products are well built, highly stylish, and provide an enjoyable sound, all while keeping costs well within... View Full Review
  13. ZzmadzZ
    "A Seductively Wholesome Package"
    Introduction Jack of all trade and master of all?... Is it possible to be crowned this coveted title in this saturated sea of custom in ear monitors? Well, if you asked me this question in the past I would have shouted a resounding “No way!”,... View Full Review
  14. dheepak10
    "PK32 – The little big sound!"
    WillSound PK32 is quite different from the usual WillSound buds – a smaller Yuin shell and a vastly different sound signature from the rest of the WillSound lineup. These earbuds retail on with 2.5mm and 3.5mm connectors and ship... View Full Review
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  15. HiFiChris
    "Modern Wireless Codecs, excellent Hiss Performance"
    Disclosure/fwiw: The FiiO M7 that this very review is about was supplied to me complementary as a free review sample. - - - FiiO’s digital audio players were a success right from the start, even though that start was sooomewhat delayed in the... View Full Review
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  16. Vincent Do
    "The next step into the audiophile path"
    [IMG] F9 Pro Specs Headphone type: Hybrid IEM Frequency response: 15Hz-40kHz Drive type: 1 dynamic + dual balanced armature drivers (Knowles) Impedance: 28Ω Sensitivity: 106dB/mW Cable design: Detachable with standard MMCX connectors Cables:... View Full Review
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  17. Zelda
    "Custom Art FIBAE 3 - Triple Detail Formula"
    Custom Art - FIBAE 3 (Universal) – Triple Detail Formula [ATTACH] Custom Art Website Fibae 3 page Specifications Drivers: Three Balanced Armature, Single Sub-Low, Single Full-Range, Single High Sensitivity: 110dB @1kHz @0.1V Impedance: 7.3... View Full Review
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  18. Moonstar
    "New Sound in a New Design"
    Campfire Audio Comet Review About Campfire Audio: Campfire Audio is a US based company located in Portland – Oregon, which is specialized in the production of In-Ear Monitors. Campfire Audio launched there first In-Ear Monitors in summer of... View Full Review
  19. glassmonkey
    "Hiss-busting miracle worker in a magnesium suit"
    List Price: $69 Product Website: Introduction I’ve been wanting to get an iEMatch ever since the first one was released. I was surprised that iFi didn’t send me one to review, given how... View Full Review
  20. someyoungguy
    "A great DAC+amp with JetEffect secret sauce"
    *edit 15/07: Cowon have updated their website to reflect the firmware 1.10 updates - the product info now includes support for DSD, DFF and SACD file formats, and images show the updated black/orange UI theme which is similar to the UI found on... View Full Review
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  21. theoutsider
    "Little Red Earphone"
    [ATTACH] Holla! Today I would like to talk about a petite earphone named Mevi. It is from Lypertek, a new comer in the audio industry. Mevi is the very first earphone that rolled out from their production floor and I am fortunate enough to be... View Full Review
  22. Dobrescu George
    "Bluedio T3 Plus Turbine - Lush Dark Delicious"
    Bluedio T3 Plus Turbine - Lush Dark Delicious Bluedio T3 Plus is the first headphone sold by Gearbest we are looking into. This is going to be a true bass cannon, so those faint of heart should take note, this headphone packs a stronger punch... View Full Review
  23. B9Scrambler
    "Kinera Idun: Make Mine a McIntosh"
    [ATTACH] Greetings Head-fi, Today we’re taking a look at Kinera’s newest hybrid earphone, the IDUN Limited Edition (LE). In Norse mythology, Idun was the goddess of rejuvenation, dispensing fruit that sustained immortality among the gods and... View Full Review
  24. Zelda
    "LZ A4 = Multiple Choice"
    [ATTACH] Sound Quality of the LZ A4 The LZ A4 presents a simple yet well done filter tuning system. It consists of 3 bass filters for the dynamic driver placed at the rear/outer part of the shells, and 6 nozzles for the dual BA driver at the... View Full Review
  25. peterinvan
    "Main Feature: Bluetooth input"
    ABOUT ME: I was fortunate to be selected to review the xDSD as part of the Head-fi tour, and will pass it along to the next reviewer at the end of my allotted week. I am a retired IT geek, having spent 46 years trying to make computer systems do... View Full Review
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