R2R DA M1 Ultracap powered build

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  1. bballas
    wck,mck in lvds its not sclk.Somebody can help?
  2. bballas
  3. bballas
    -No matter how grungy, noisy and inconsistent the AC coming out of your wall happens to be, you will never hear anything less than utterly quiet, perfectly detailed sound.
    -Absolutely Zero AC hum and noise for a completely “black” background from which the subtlest musical information emerges with perfect clarity.
    -No need for expensive power conditioners, “audiophile” power cords or dedicated power lines.
    - Super high current supply – as there is no AC to DC conversion inside the component, no transformers or bridge rectifiers that choke instantaneous current and make noise. You will enjoy greater dynamics with tight, precise bass response along with more open and extended treble.
    -Lifespan rated at 1,000,000 cycles (compare that to 2,000 cycles for the best Lithium battery topologies). You will never need to replace the ultracapacitors and will enjoy a lifetime of use.
    -Maintenance free.
    -Cleanest, high-current DC power supply yet!
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  4. bballas
    12 rail u caps work perfectly.....
  5. bballas
    Source test
    -win10,Ao,Hq player,Li-ion batt,singxer f1 u caps
    Consonance X5(Rpi2)Ucaps 5v, i2s out

    X5 won.
    better microdetails

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