New DIY Altoids Tin Amp - The Class A "Wintergreen Handwarmer" by xrk971

  1. xrk971
    The EBL's don't have a step up - I think they use maybe 3 internal cells. It has dropping voltage with time so no DC step up.

    The OK's don't have it and if you can't hear it it is fine to not use CRC filter with the other DC step up. I only added it because I could measured a broad -90dB noise hump from 1k down with the DC switcher step up. 2200uF RCRCRC actually fits in tin with 3000mAHr LiPo and charger an step up.
  2. stellarelephant
    Great info. I really need to get set up to make measurements with my sound card. For now, I just bought some Duracells to compare audible hiss from the amp with them vs. OKCells. In the long run I hope to copy your 3K mAh setup. How many hours of runtime do you get out of it?
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  3. stellarelephant
    Can any Nichicon capacitor dethrone the Panasonic FR as my current favorite in the PCA?
    Here are my listening impressions:

    25V 1000uF KW
    Reasonably pleasant, but the treble is quite dulled. Nicely engaging, slightly grainy mids. Bass extends low but is a little uncontrolled and surprisingly quiet for a 1000uF cap. Subpar detail and dynamics.

    25V 1000uF FW
    Brighter than KW. More balanced mids sit on par with the rest of the spectrum. Clearer treble, with some sparkle, but still lacking air up top--stuffy. Good presence in mids, with just the right amount of bite. Bass quantity is better than KW but a bit distorted.

    16V 470uF FG
    A small step closer to KZ sound in resolution and overall engagement. Smoother than KW or FW, with a balanced frequency response. Deep, punchy and controlled bass. Still a bit "closed in" vs. Panasonic. A bit short on high treble. Can sound strained in louder passages.

    25V 330uF FG
    A hair smoother than the 16V, with a little more treble. Just enough bite in the mids to make vocals "in your face" without being gritty. Surprisingly good bass, though theoretically less quantity than the other FG. Again, the soundstage is small and stuffy. Where is the high treble, Nichicon? In the KZ only, I guess. Sheesh.

    25V 1000uF KA
    I've already auditioned the KA a lot, but mostly the 470uF. The KA actually stands out from the typical Nichicon "house sound" IMO. It has a slightly mid-centric signature with enough treble to sparkle some, though the treble is a tad hot. Midrange and vocals come forward in the mix nicely, but without grain--they are the smoother than even the FG. Bass has decent weight and control. Somehow I find the KA more natural in timbre than all the others--the sound is clearer, though not particularly airy or exciting.


    25V 1000uF Panasonic FR
    FAR more neutral and revealing than all of these Nichicons. Maybe its the ultra low ESR…it just gets out of the way and lets the music come through. It gives the cleanest and most spacious presentation, with excellent detail and real air on top for a beautifully open soundstage. The bass is awesomely powerful with deeper extension than any of the Nichicons, and tight control. Blackest background. Fastest transients. Need I say more? If I had to nitpick, I'd wish for a touch more warmth and presence in the mids, but I suppose that might just be a coloration that suits my taste. These caps simply sound REALISTIC.

    With the Pannys in place, I played the amp today for my buddy who has a degree in audio engineering. He kept repeating the words "unbelievable!" and "crisp!" He also commented on the superb instrument separation and his jaw dropped when he heard the bass drop =).

    I am awaiting a package of Elna Silmic, Elna Cerafine, and Nichicon KZ in the mail…KZ is too big for this build, but I want to hear it anyway. I'll be impressed indeed if any of them sound better than my current setup!

    All the caps tested are 10x20mm, but have different voltages and capacities. For reference, here's the predicted bass response of each cap value I tried in this test paired with my 50 Ohm cans in parallel with the 1K resistor load.
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  4. xrk971
    Did you compare to 1000uF 16v SEPF OSCON?
  5. xrk971
    3000mAhr at 3.6v step up to 16.5v gives about 650mAhr, so same as EBL's - about 4.5hrs.
  6. stellarelephant
    I have indeed auditioned that OSCON, in both my builds now. I found it to be extremely well balanced thorough the frequency range, with excellent bass weight and particularly great bass control, with a full, creamy, sound signature. But it has a soft/dull one-dimensionality to my ears, and fails to engage me. It seems short on detail compared to the other caps I have tried.

    More cap tests to come, with some of the best-regarded audio caps this round...but I think the Panny FR may still reign supreme.
  7. xrk971
    What's the part number for the FR cap on Mouser or Digikey? Is there a 3300uF 35v version? I could use for the HyQu MP.
  8. stellarelephant
    The one I'm using is manufacturer part number EEU-FR1E102. I found out that there is also a longer 10x25mm 25V that would fit just as easily in the PCA, which gets you a smidgen more capacity...1200uF. That's part number EEU-FR1E122L. I haven't heard it but I would assume it sounds the same, and ought to crank out bass even with 30 ohm cans. 1000uF is perfect for me though. On my third build I will probably audition the bigger one just for grins, and possibly omit the battery connector socket to accommodate 12.5x25mm 25V 1800uF FR rail caps, theoretically improving stereo separation a tiny bit over my current 1500uF, right? I think at that point I will have the board completely stuffed edge to edge with FR :)

    There are definitely 35V FR caps also!
  9. xrk971
    Thanks for the info. I will order some for the PCA and for the new HyQu amp.
  10. gwompki

    Good write up on the caps!

    Stupid question...are you using those as the rail caps? Or one of the other positions?
  11. Sodacose
    done top view open smaller.png
    Pic of my build with stock values!

    And here's a guest post review I wrote up after building this amp:

    All-in-all, it's a great amplifier! Sound is excellent and it pairs really well with what I assume to be the typical companion gear (smartphone, streaming services, mid to high impedance headphones).

    Well done, XRK!
  12. xrk971
    Thanks so much for the review Sodacose! I am looking forward to building your hybrid tube amp as well. Never had a tube amp before so that will be cool.
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  13. Sodacose
    My pleasure, seriously. It is really interesting to compare the two amps: lots in common between them. I'd say 'great minds think alike' but I'm not so sure about my own :beerchug:

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